Steampunk: Origins

Melanie Roussel

I’m currently writing a steampunk novel with a working title of Masquerade. It’s actually been in the works for about four years now. But finally, I’ve given myself a deadline of 13th August to finish the first official draft. You might notice the great big bloody timer on the bottom right of my homepage (I have to scare myself into finishing a draft) so watch this space!

But I figured that if I’m going to be running this blog while working on the novel, it seems silly not to do a few posts about Steampunk fiction. Particularly as so many people seem to go blank whenever I mention this particular sub-genre.

Steampunk is a sub-genre of sci-fi which has a historical setting, usually the Regency or Victorian eras and features anachronistic steam-powered machinery. As you can imagine, steampunk has roots in the aesthetics and themes explored by H. G. Wells and…

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