The Methodical Science of Running to #EndALZ

Across the Land


by Dr. Steven Barger
University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences
Professor of Geriatrics, Neurobiology and Developmental Sciences, and Internal Medicine

Research into the causes and potential treatments for Alzheimer’s disease has been as complicated as the disease itself.  Patti Davis borrowed the phrase “The Long Goodbye” in describing the decline of her presidential father, and for good reason:  This horrible affliction robs families of their dearest members with agonizing progression and frustration.  And for researchers, it has for over a century hidden behind a shroud of mystery that is due partly to the complex nature of the brain itself.  President Obama recently announced a funding initiative that will direct $100 million toward mapping the functional connectivity of the brain.  A small fraction of this money will be applied directly to Alzheimer’s itself, but the general insights that arise from this effort may also help indirectly by illuminating the tapestry of…

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