Cicero’s Way

Gareth Roberts

How to beat resistance and objections in any pitch or promotional situation.

The people I like are fun.

They’re light-hearted and they make jokes; they don’t take things too seriously.

They’re also more likely to convince me to part with my money and influence my decisions.

On April 4th 56 BC, one of the all-time greatest defence speeches took place in a Roman court.

Caelius was brought to trial and accused of five serious offences. They included assault, robbery, murder and the attempted poisoning of his lover Clodia.

It appeared that by all means, Caelius was guilty.

But a speech, given by lawyer and politician Cicero, changed the entire outcome of the trial.

It was like no other at the time.

Cicero built his defence by first presenting seventeen-year-old Caelius’ foolishness and youthful innocence as unfortunate but natural.

His speech then addressed a number of other issues on the case…

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