No guts, no glory

“When people say they’re skeptical, or pessimistic, I get it. But let’s face it, you’re gutless. It takes no guts to be a skeptic. It takes no guts to try nothing and say it’s not gonna work. It takes guts to put your ass on the line and believe something’s possible. It takes guts to pursue an answer. It takes guts to fail and step back up and keep pushing”Tony Robbins

Your mind is designed in such a way to prevent you from getting hurt. In nature, this is quite the mechanism. But in the human society, we have developed the “someday” mechanism.

Someday we’ll be good enough or brave enough or smart enough or have the time to do this or that.

Someday we’ll become what we’ve always wanted to be.

Someday we’ll write our book or start our business.

And most people wait their entire lives for this someday, which never comes.

Why?Because “someday” doesn’t exist. Like unicorns. Or Santa Claus.

All you have is today.

All you have is the ability to ignore the feeling that assuming certain changes is going to ruin your life.

Realize this deeply and you’ll be free to do anything you want. Don’t, and you’ll spend your whole life making excuses for why you have to settle for less than what you really want.

All it takes is guts. There is no such thing as courage, talent, or greatness.

All you need is the guts to do the thing. Face your fears. Be more afraid of living an unlived life.

When I first started writing, obviously, I sucked.

I had this idea that writing was easy.

It wasn’t.

After some 4 years, I was kind of good. Kind of.

But then I decided to write in English. And I wasn’t as good.

And this scared me. And made me sad. And made me angry.

Should I have given up then, now you wouldn’t be reading this post.

There are at least a thousand reasons why a specific endeavor won’t work. At least. You can spend an enormous amount of time thinking them all up or you can just trust that one reason why it will work out.

You’ve got to have the guts to be honest with yourself and take responsibility for your life.

Your not getting what you want not because there are some people out there who are better than you.


You are not getting what you want because there are some people out there who work harder than you.

That’s it.

We are all created equally, but some work harder than others.

Some have the guts to go after what they want, ignoring the inner voice that tells them that it probably won’t work out, that they’ll get hurt, that it’s best to hide under the bed.

Some have the guts to go after what they want as if their lives depend on it.

And you should too.


14 thoughts on “No guts, no glory

  1. Being pessimistic and skeptical aren’t the same things I guess.. It’s just having doubts about certain things which Ofcourse does get over after being little convinced may be. I m skeptical to some level and certainly failed in many things but I never gave up. I just think a lot and get little critical but do reach a point where I know things will work out for sure.
    Just my thought 😊

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  2. My grandson once asked me to sum up my life in a paragraph. Here’s what I told him:
    “I’ve been from one end of the world to the other, eaten supper with people whose language I didn’t speak, led men and women into battles against overwhelming odds and won, saved lives, taken lives, jumped out of perfectly good airplanes at thirty thousand feet, rode horses in blinding snowstorms, and loved one woman with a love few would understand.”
    He looked at me and asked, “Why?”
    I told him because people say that Someday they’ll do this or that. Well, stack up enough “Somedays” and they become a warehouse full of yesterdays. The day will come when I’m on my deathbed, and then it might be too late to even try.
    Live life now. .

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  3. I’d have to disagree with the “you’re gutless if you’re a skeptic” part. I am very much a skeptic. I’ve been blessed with a gut feeling that is right more often than not. Ignoring negative thoughts can get you killed. You have to be careful. Being able to assess the risks greatly increases you odds at success. The fact that I’m weary of something does not mean I won’t try it. In fact, my fearlessness has often been acknowledged by others.

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  4. You are a success as long as you are doing the work you were meant to do, success is in the doing, not whatever the end result is. Creativity requires the maker to be captivated by it; in love with it; and yes, somewhat obsessed with it. Less than that means there is tweaking needed to the process or the endeavor is wrong. None of this means that it is easy, creativity is not an easy taskmaster. It takes a special heart to require the guts needed to know that the doing is the most important part, regardless, but in that doing, the rest will eventually come when the time is right. Icing is an added delight to a cake well baked, but icing alone isn’t much without it.

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  5. I like the message here and agree with its core very much. To grow is to take chances & leaps of faith but I think it also has to be measured against potential reward. There isn’t anything wrong with saying someday as long as it doesn’t become habitual & someday turns into never. Sometimes we need to take a step back & say someday because we truly aren’t ready yet but will be. A wise person will realize this and take steps to grow so that they will be ready and someday becomes reality. Great post!

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  6. Some hard truths that I needed to hear. My thing though, is that I have been looking for someone, I don’t know who, to affirm me or give me permission to be my awesome self and God has been deconstructing these thoughts to remind me that I have all I need to live my best life, on my terms. That’s what 2018 is about. Thanks. Hard work!

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    • Sadly there’s no one who can do that. There might come someone along once in a while, but it usually doesn’t last long before you’ll stop believing in what they see in you. Truth is, if you don’t believe in yourself, nothing can help you.


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