The right kind of mindset

You see, those who accomplish little in life will think that he became the Salvador Dali that everyone knew and could afford to make such statements… after all, you’d act that way too, right?

If you’d have the money, the respect, the talent, the appreciation of others…

Sorry to break it to you, but he became Dali because he thought like that. He thought like that about himself until the world gave him what he demanded of it.

Average wishes it were easy. Greatness enjoys it for being hard. Average thinks of all the reason why it won’t work. Greatness, of all the reasons it will. Average blames circumstances. Greatness creates circumstances. Average waits for the perfect opportunity. Greatness knows such a thing does not exist.

So, fuck average. Fuck procrastination. Fuck laziness. Fuck depression. Fuck anxiety. Fuck waiting. Fuck other people and what they think or say or do. Fuck fear.

Conquer yourself and you can conquer the world.

So, tell me, what prodigious thing will you do today?


17 thoughts on “The right kind of mindset

  1. funny; posted this quote on my blog just this morning …exactly what your saying …
    Success or failure depends more upon attitude than upon capacity successful people act as though they have accomplished or are enjoying something. Soon it becomes a reality. Act, look, feel successful, conduct yourself accordingly, and you will be amazed at the positive results. William James

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  2. Great read once again from you! I, as making my first movie, know that if you need to create circumstances, you will. You will turn every last stone to get what you need. You move mountains in order to make your dreams come true. They might not take the measurements you want them to (for example I couldn’t hire the all the people I wanted in) but that can make the solutions more unique and different and surprising than if going where everybody wants to go. And as for your question, I did the dishes, started writing an entry to my blog, watched a drama-comedy and called my mom – but more than anything, I kissed my husband, and that, that as the purpose of my life: to love. So nothing much achieved apart from that today but for today, that’s beyond my wildest dreams.

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  3. Well written and yeah, its all true, word by word. Obviously,its the mindset that creates winners and losers. Its the right mindset that is needed to scale success.
    Thank you for sharing and do keep writing more…

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  4. Christian you continue to amaze with your insight and inspire with your hard work. The future is a fast moving train and you have chosen to board it rather than get run over by it and we are all grateful. Thank you.

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  5. I loved this post! Today, I decided to take action, after settling for a job that was very toxic for me, to stop procrastinating and begin applying for new jobs. I love this post :) I can relate to this a lot! Today, I truly did more than just taking action on a situation I was unhappy about and stop procrastinating it, but also accomplished more than that. Went above and beyond! And, I felt amazing, as the day has come to the end :)

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