TMM: Artistically bankrupt


Artistically bankrupt. Also known as writer’s block for writers, screenwriters, and poets. Also known as having no clue what to do for painters, singers, dancers, etc.

What can you do about it? I mean, you stare at a blank page for so long that your head gets dizzy and still nothing good happens. You may write a few sentences but soon delete them.

Well.. just stop. Yeah, stop. No, no, I mean it. Stop. Now, go out and live life. I know it sounds like a scary thing to do, but you must. It’s for your art. Go out there and live. Meet new people, do exciting stuff. Fall in love, be a douchebag, get dumped, get your heart broken, then write about that. Or sing about it. Or paint your pain away.

This is the thing.

Consuming art is a way to escape reality.

Creating art is a way…

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7 thoughts on “TMM: Artistically bankrupt

  1. Great post. Odd you should mention “Artistically Bankrupt”. I’m working on my next book and ran into just that. I know what’s supposed to happen, I just couldn’t put it into words that made sense.
    So, I decided to write the end, I wrote the last chapter, and started working backwards. Surprisingly, it worked! I began to realize that what I was trying to figure out was the relationship between two characters. By starting at the end and tossing them through a couple of action sequences, I figured that out.

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    • I think certain chapters/scenes are more difficult to write than others. It’s just that we haven’t figured them out in a way to put them into words. Sometimes you can write a different scene, sometimes you need time…


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