The art of being a fan

No matter who or where we are, we consume art on a daily basis. We listen to songs, watch a movie, or spend a lazy afternoon enjoying a good book.

But why is it that art is so important? Why is it that our lives would feel empty, pointless, filled with blank spaces without it?

Art is important for a million different reasons: because it inspires us, because it gives us purpose, motivation, ambition, and it makes us dream. Art shows us a world we would’t dare imagine by ourselves. We consume art simply because it’s beautiful… a beautiful voice can be admired just for that, so is a beautiful painting.

Beauty in itself is never pointless.

We consume art because we want to be entertained, because we want to forget about all the worries and hardships of our day to day lives. We consume art because we want to feel less alone, we want to believe there are others just like us, who think and feel and act like us. We consume art because we want to escape a world we can’t really understand.

When I first saw Gina Iacob’s artworks, I didn’t know what to believe. She was really good. I liked her Facebook page and, well, time just passed. Something like four years, during which I became a fan.

The thing is, she’s fearless when it comes to experimenting with different techniques and styles.

Why is this important? Why is this worthy of admiration?

Well, you know when you start to get closer to being a real writer? When you write like a bunch of other people, and this pisses you off but you know you’re going to write like yourself one day.

So, I knew she was onto something, I knew she was on her path to becoming a unique and terribly interesting artist.

It’s understandable that I had to tell her she was good. That’s what fans do, right?

But somehow that didn’t feel like enough. Words are rather pathetic sometimes. Maybe it’s just because I use them so often, that I never quite found them to be enough when I most needed them.

I kind of needed to do more. Especially considering that she thinks of herself as an average artists. I bet some days she thinks she’s even worse than that, which, of course, is such a ridiculous statement.

There are a ton more artworks to be found on her Facebook page and Instagram profile. Amazing, amazing, amazing stuff. Lots and lots of beautiful artworks.


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