The Social Media Obsession

Once every two days someone almost bumps into me because they’re too busy staring down at their smartphone’s screen.

If I go out with a group of people, at least one person spends more time on their phone.

Any mediocre evening can be “enhanced” by taking a few pictures and posting them on social media.

I believe there’s a fine line between the fantastic advantage of being able to reach people easily and becoming so seduced by this new technology that you lose touch with the outside world.

But, then again, balance is not a word we can easily use to define ourselves.

I am curious to know your thoughts on this. Is social media good? Bad? How much time and why should we spend checking out Facebook, Twitter, and such.

Let me know in the comments section bellow.


  1. It’s bad, like a destructive addiction to fast food. Although perhaps done of these people aren’t on social media but are doing something else like changing a song on spotify or listening to an interesting podcast. At least that’s what I do. Social media is a cancer that’s killing authentic connection in society so I choose to not be part of it

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  2. I agree we don’t know proper balance in the modern world. I am very worried people are overstimulated with technology and losing touch with reality. Just like with a lot of things, with social media a little is good because it lets you connect with people on some level, but a lot is bad because then you are too focused on it and lose quality–in life and relationships and probably some brain tissue is lost as well! I personally check my social media sites maybe once a day for about twenty minutes (I think–maybe I should time myself to really see).

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  3. I’ve written one blog regarding people’s observed obvious obsession/addiction to social media which states, in part:

    “It is sad that this technology which was supposed to connect people is (actually) making them disconnect from each other in person.

    I am still a believer in the major benefits technology brings to our world but I sincerely hope that what we are seeing is just another pendulum swing where we become so excited about something new that we want to use it obsessively and as time passes we become less captivated and use it less often until the next new thing comes into our world and the pendulum swings again. But the observer in me shakes his head and wonders whether the pendulum has reached its apex yet and, if not, what that will do to our relationship with the world and the “real” people who inhabit it. I remain optimistic.”

    So much so has been written about the effects of social media to people, especially the so called millenials. But the fact remains that everything in this world must be dealt with balance and moderation.


  4. Is there any “right” amount of time to be connected to social media. I see way too many people interacting more with their phones than with each other, it’s a sad fact of life. But as you said and I totally agree, at the end of the day it’s all about balance.

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  5. I don’t think it’s bad, per se. However, the word you used in the title was obsession and this is the problem – people are obsessed with social media. When all people need to do is regulate and moderate their usage. Modern technology doesn’t help, it allows people more and convenient access to platforms.

    I have an old phone type, it has no internet, it is the original concept of mobile phone, texts and calls only – l prefer it that way. But new phones make it an almost obligatory move to be continually connected.

    It is too easy just to blame certain things, but the reality is – it always comes down to people. it is an addiction, and l agree there are many platform media pushers, but really it comes down to your own sense of regulation and moderation.

    We could go into the psychology of it all and how people need to be addicted to one thing or another, the same can be applied to many topics where addiction rules the waves. I have known many people to be addicted to the oddest of things. Equally l have known people to be hyper focused and obsessed with a host of other issues.

    Social media – IS NOT killing connectivity – people are killing connection.

    My 2 penneth worth anyway.

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  6. Good or bad depends on how you use it. I have a friend I go to Saturday breakfast with. Occasionally another person or two would join us. She spent all her time on her phone. I was a little miffed, but didn’t complain because it was often the aid taking care of her mother. One of the others who joined us complained that this should be our time and not hers on the phone. She cut back her use a little. Her mother passed away and she cut back her use more. Now in our 2 hours together she might be on the phone only 1-3 times. I rarely use my cell so it hardly rings at all.
    Years ago I saw a couple kids severely addicted to TV. They did not want to leave the TV long enough to watch a cute trick I wanted to show them, nor did they look like they had any interest at all since it was not on the TV. I’ve often wondered how they grew up.
    Over the years I’ve met a lot of people addicted to the computer. My laptop is my nemesis. I can spend hours on it doing everything but writing! I believe I’ve become a hoarder of information!

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  7. It’s like anything. If you use it in moderation, it’s not a bad thing, can even be good; but when you overuse it or become addicted like others have said, it’s toxic. We people always seem to be in danger of taking things too far.

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  8. I think social media might be one of the biggest threats we face now, at least in America.
    Twitter, Facebook and Google all ‘shadow post’ accounts they philosophically disagree with.. which is a form of speech suppression. I’ve wondered if WordPress and other sites do the same.

    The loss of free speech is always the path to slavery.

    That being said, I don’t think we’re ready for social media. It’s too self-absorbing, and dulls us to the world around us.

    Great topic.

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  9. The time on the social media sites is not the problem. I spend a lot of time myself. But I am a blogger, vlogger, author, and indie filmmaker. I am constantly looking for substance. So it’s what you’re looking for which becomes the problem. We are looking to be validated which is more the problem.

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    1. The same here.I am a travel blogger and I twitter and Instagram to connect with each other, but for many bloggers they trying share their perfect pictures and obsessed with likes and followers, which is not good. I think its all comes down to how we use it.

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  10. Not fond of it……..I believe it rips friends and families apart…..and in America? They shut down any voice who speaks of God, the Deep State or DJT. We aren’t heard, we are voiceless.

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  11. I do believe that the social media craze is all they hoped it would be..
    Yes, it is amazing that we can chat with anyone around the world..
    But it also comes with the dangers.. allowing other people’s comments and opinions to shape who you are.. and even to the depths of taking their own lives because of it..
    I am not on social media, and it does limit me in some ways.. but I am drama free, and I have kept my sanity :)
    Thank you for sharing your great posts!

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  12. For me social media is a way of keeping in touch with old friends and distant family. I do get concerned about missing posts or failure to respond. I simply don’t wish to offend anyone.
    Now I’m also using it as a marketing tool. That’s 2 accounts with double the number likes, replies etc. It is very busy.

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  13. I feel that technology was thrown at us without really teaching us how to handle it. There is rehab for almost everything but until everyone agrees that most people are addicted to social media, things are only going to get worse. But I’m hopeful and I try to do my bit.

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  14. I believe social media has its positives and it is not all bad! It allows us to access information, stay in touch with others, get inspiration from others, and get to know people in a certain light. It can also be a fun outlet! However, it can be horribly destructive and detrimental when it slowly begins to define your self-worth and you begin obsessing over what others are doing, your image, and comparing yourselves to others. Today, actually earlier tonight, I had to take a step away as it was giving me anxiety. Too much time on it does not let you live in the present and can truly hurt you. It is all a balancing act I believe!

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  15. It’s a bit of both, it really depends on how people use social media because it can help to change lives in many ways. It can also be a problem when people begin mindlessly taking opinions from social media as fact and allow it to dictate their lives.

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  16. I’ve just stumbled upon your post. And oddly enough, it ties in with something I’m aiming to do less of this year….SPENDING TIME ON SOCIAL MEDIA. As much as I see the benefit of it i.e. I arrange to meet uni friends, stay in contact with family, post my blogs I’ve also been withdrawing from it a lot more. I don’t sit on the bus and think I must check facebook etc. As a media graduate, I understand the positives of using it for branding etc but, I think people allow it to take over their lives. There definitely needs to be a better balance.

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  17. Its saddening that people feel immediatey gratified and pampered on social media as soon as they upload a glitzy image of their living though hyped most of the times and social media addicts live in this feverish frenzy of adulation which is hard to break. Hope some providence dawn upon them.

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