My Son Left Today

It is said, that no parent should have to bury their child.

Yet, in the span of our lives, we are not given the choice; there are many of us parents, who are given the painful task of burying our children.

Since time immemorial, certain parents have been handed this painful task; a task that came upon them suddenly and in shock, because a death of a child should not be theirs to realize.

Some might say that we were chosen for this experience, not by a random act of fate, but rather a carefully considered plan, set forth from the Master Life Planner, who plans perfectly in every instance.

Whilst we, in our human frailty might cry out, “Not me please, not my child”, The Planner might be heard to say, “I have planned it so for good, which you cannot see now, but one day, when you meet…

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