Renewed Heartfelt Intentions – New Years Day 2018

Does everyone get as excited for New Year’s Day as I do?! I know most people get really jazzed for New Year’s Eve…but for me it is all about New Year’s Day…and if you know me, you already know how I feel about it! I LOVE THIS DAY!

I suppose I see the first day of the New Year much like everyone else, a clean slate, ready to start fresh, turning a new page…etc, etc, etc… But I also see the New DAY as setting the TONE for the New YEAR! For me, it is all about summoning the energy of the Earth, praying to God, calling upon the Universe, instilling Karmic laws, and Manifesting my Destiny…all rolled into one hearty, heaping BALL of GOODNESS and infusing it into this BRAND NEW DAY…and I can’t do that if I am feeling off my game! I don’t particularly care to drink my night away, and rise to a blurry, hurting head…carrying the baggage of the previous year into my NEWNESS! To each their own, just never been my gig. Really folks, think about it…we have this completely PERFECT day. To bring anything less then our best to it, is almost an insult to the day, year and ourselves. I literally want to JUMP out of bed, clear headed…ready to embrace the new day and NEW YEAR! After all, ultimately God and I are the creator of my life’s path.



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