496 orders, updated e-store, and a promo code

Hey guys,

Quite a bit of stuff to update you on.

First of all, we’re close to reaching a total of 500 orders on my e-store. We’re at 496 to be exact. That being said, I’d like to say that the person who makes order number 500 will receive a gift: the product of their choosing from my e-store. It can be anything at all, no matter the value.

Secondly, the store got quite a bit of an update and I do suggest you check it out here. More products, better descriptions, all that. And even more to come, a new range of services, and so one.

What is there to be found on this e-store?

Advertising options:

  • Reblogs: for those of you who want to reach a bigger audience.
  • Reviews: for those of you who want your book reviewed by me.
  • Interviews: for those of you who’d like to be interviewed by me.


  • The E-book Bundle: download six e-books for only $9.99. Quite the deal.
  • Signed Paperback Bundlefive signed paperbacks. Oh, wait. There’s a bit more than that. Five short essays included. Stuff you don’t get to read anywhere else. Oh, and… yeah… Free International Shipping.

Of course, there’s the Mentorship Program I announced earlier today, at the incredibly low price of $49.99. Only seven more available.

One more thing: you can use the discount code STORE2018 for %50 off any purchase.

That’s it for now, guys. More to come. A lot more.


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