So, this happened…

Some of you may know that I spent most of December trying to raise funds to buy a new camera for my YouTube Channel and for some other projects I have in mind.

Jack Fussell was kind enough to donate a significant amount towards that goal, which surprised me because he has his own battles to fight, while also dedicating his time and energy to raise awareness regarding Alzheimer’s. He could have chosen to direct those funds to a different cause, but he chose to help me out instead. For that, I am deeply grateful and indebted to him.

That being said, the e-store also performed wonderfully this month, which means that I am in a bit of a predicament right now…

I am just $250 away from being able to buy a better camera than the one I intended. The dream camera. You know, the thing that you want a lot because it ticks all the right boxes and stuff.

I think we can do this, we can raise this much in a reasonable amount of time, so I’ll be able to create better content and reach more people and inspire and motivate.

If you’d like to help me out, you can donate any amount you see fit via PayPal here. Any contribution matters, any amount helps me reach my goal. Even if it’s a dollar. Especially if it’s a dollar.

Also, you can check out my e-store here. You can find a ton of cool stuff, from advertising options to signed paperbacks, to e-books, even a mentorship program on blogging.

You can use coupon code STORE2018 for 50% off every purchase.

But there’s more: we’re only two orders away from reaching a grand total of five hundred, which means that order number 500 will receive a prize: any product they choose from the e-store, regardless of its cost.

So, yeah. Only $250 from this dream of mine. We can do this, guys. I believe we can.

Thank you so much for your support, love and encouragement,



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