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Business idea based on emotions of generations

There is nothing new about that companies, in order to sell products, try to play on the strings of certain emotions of the general public. Mainly when they advertise their new products, services. Look at Apple’s history of ads as an outstanding example. Or Google’s fine efforts.

There is a particular case however, when there is no such well-crafted, manipulative ad in place. It is the service itself which reminds you of the countless weeks of adventures, Turbo Boosting™ to all heights, speeding through states in missions. And Jon knows that well (the car is advertised as a part of Jon G’s rental). He certainly shares the sentiment, and saw the chance to do business with us, the kids from the past.

KITT from front side Still as good looking as ever, aged nothing :-D

The owner of this car is right, in my opinion. There is…

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