Why do we fall?

falling“The loneliest moment in someone’s life is when they are watching their whole world fall apart, and all they can do is stare blankly.” – F. Scott Fitzgerald

I’m almost twenty six years old. A fragile age indeed; I have yet to conquer all the good and the bad that life can throw at me. But I’ve seen things, I’ve done things. Scars have been inflicted upon my body and soul. I’ve kept secrets, I’ve nurtured bizarre dreams and fantasies until they became demons. I’ve lost more battles than I can count…

And I’ve fallen… time and time again…

And yet… it’s not the fall that breaks most people. It’s the fear that they’ll never rise up again.

We fall because we need to see how far we can go. Only by testing our limits do we reach beyond them, only by fighting a lot of impossible battles do we defeat insurmountable odds.

Experience is a long list of failures. One defeat at a time, we survive, we fight on, we become better, faster, and stronger. We evolve.

We fall and we pick ourselves up. We fall again, with more grace than we previously thought possible. We learn, yet we never become perfect. If you live your life just the way you want to, without taking silly precautions, you will fall. Again and again and again.

And never fall into the trap that you’ll reach a stage in your life when things will be different. If you take risks, if you push yourself, if you want more, you’ll fall.


Because venturing into the unknown is the riskiest business there is.

And never make the mistake of taking things for granted. Things change. People change. You change. Everything changes. So keep moving… never, ever stop. Don’t give up, don’t run away when it hurts.

There is only one final defeat in life.

Don’t hold on to the past, don’t wallow yourself in a future filled with crazy promises. Live in the present, be aware of your surroundings and exploit them the best you can.

The campaign failed to reach its goal. I have failed. I spent some time thinking about whether or not I’ll ever become the writer I always dreamed of becoming. If I will ever reach the stars that I have always kept my eyes on.

It wasn’t the fall that make me feel this way, but rather the fear that I will never pick myself up to try one more time. Just one more time… before I give up on this unrealistic dream.

So this is one of life’s toughest lessons. We have to try. If we don’t try, we fail by default.

One more try. One more go.

You never know.



14 thoughts on “Why do we fall?

  1. I love this:

    “We fall because we need to see how far we can go. Only by testing our limits do we reach beyond them, only by fighting a lot of impossible battles do we defeat insurmountable odds.”

    One thing I’ve learned (and it seems I’m quite older than you) is that these are the moments we want to really pay attention to. We want to focus our energy. Much of my own growing pains rested on seeking others to rescue me when I’ve had all the power in the world to rescue myself. When I realized it was my responsibility to rescue myself, then I took responsibility for my own life.


  2. Yes,there’s nothing more helpless and heartbreaking that see your world fall into pieces in front of your eyes. But a man who can rebuild his world from those pieces no matter how much time or what it takes, is truly great. Cheers! 👍

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  3. Staying mindful and overcoming our fears is the only way to grow. This post is so inspiring; especially coming from someone of similar life experience. Keep going! You’re going to end up with exactly what is meant for you.

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