A Light Circle

“We won’t all be great. Most of us will never be famous for anything, never discover anything, never invent anything useful, never win any awards. We may never achieve our dreams or even meet the goals we set for ourselves. Despite what the advertisers, preachers and politicians promise us, greatness will only be reserved for the few.”

This is my memory of the commencement speech made by the valedictorian of my university on the day that I graduated. That’s some “motivational” speech right? What a send-off into the big, wide world!

How keenly I felt my smallness that day. Even before the speech, just as I had entered the enormous arena filled with thousands of other graduates and their families. Gusts of cold air suddenly swept across me, emptying my body of warmth as the thunderous roar of the crowd rushed into my ears, crashing over me in waves unceasing…

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