Trust, A Reflection

A Poet's Last Stand

Trust invokes several thoughts revolving around friendship, family and romantic relationships. I would argue it goes beyond that as a basis of any form of social order. In Plutchik’s work, “Emotion – A Psychoevolutionary Synthesis”, not only are the 8 basic emotions, to include joy and trust, explained, the development of said emotions are given plenty of thought, starting with the basis of survival. In the case of trust, it is the concept of incorporation (Hokuma,2017). The most basic level of this is ingesting something and nourishing your body. This most basic level of trust develops in complexity by realizing a spectrum of intensity from acceptance to admiration which gives way to reinforcing memories of not only what is edible but also a comparison and contrast that develops into personal preference.

Its interesting to make the connection of nourishment and the emotion of trust, because when extending the emotion further…

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