Well-Written Overthinking

Laying in the dark all alone, only the cold white light of my laptop precariously balanced on the edge of my bed, keeping me company. My face is buried in my pillow…the same mustard yellow pillow that gave me so much joy the night before.

It’s back. The dread, the lump in your throat, the tears that just won’t back down. It’s like a fast-paced walk down a dark alley, the start of a scary movie or the blurred objects in the dark. I’m being jumped. Not by school bullies, not by thieves, but by my mind. My own mind taunts me in the night. Yet, this is the same mind that comprehends a smile and remembers your birthday and your favourite colour…Yes, it’s not my choice.

And this is my mind… it is threatened and surprised by anxiety. Tomorrow I may be well and calm and full of love and joy and…

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