Followers, comments, likes

First of all, I’ll let you in on a little secret: my first blog died a premature death, after only one month of life, five followers and absolutely no comments whatsoever.

Why is this important?

Well, maybe because the focus is not to be put on numbers.

Put too much emphasis on numbers, and you won’t have such a nice time blogging.

You kind of miss the point.

What’s the point, you ask?

Behind those numbers, there are people. Crazy, huh? Actual people, who actually read your stuff, who actually take the time to like or comment on your stuff. You wants thousands upon thousands of people who do that?

For what?

Ask yourself that.

Why is it so important to reach a thousand people? Why is it more important than reaching a hundred? Or just ten?

This numbers game is just that. A game. A rat race.

Instead of you trying your best to create the best content that you are capable of, you worry about not enough people reading your blog.

Enough for what?

What is enough?

When is anything ever enough?

It’s all a matter of perception; as they say, one man’s ceiling is another man’s floor.

The real trick is to not give a damn about numbers.

They’re just that. They don’t represent reality. They don’t accurately depict whether or not you’re happy with your blog, or whether or not what you’re creating is actually making a difference.

Being popular on social media is just as being rich in Monopoly money.

If you stress too much about it, you’ll never have enough, no matter how many you have.

You want followers, comments, likes?

Write engaging posts. Write entertaining posts. Write posts that speak to a multitude a readers, stuff that people can identify with, stuff that elicits an emotional response.

And you’ll get your numbers.


  1. YOU SAID IT!!!! I love my little blog! If I get more followers, great. I enjoy interacting with the small number I have. It means they actually enjoy my posts! It is ok that some people enjoy different aspects of my blog. It is growing and I enjoy doing it.

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  2. I wrote essays my first three years because (adult) books don’t have pictures. I wanted serious followers!
    Then, along comes my ego, my youngest daughter tells me take pictures and no more essays! Lots of people came (better than 10) which does help your morale and increases your need to write better. So, although numbers are not important, the audience does make you try harder to be better. . . Hugs, Robin 💐

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  3. Every post I write, I try my best to make it as engaging as possible. They all need to add value, otherwise, there’s no point. Do it for the passion of writing, for the love of connectivity within a community. Best of all, if you enjoy what you are writing, it will be fun. And it shows. :)

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  4. This was well said! Thanks, I enjoyed reading. I laughed at the picture of a “klout score,” too. Maybe if I can raise an army, I can finally get customer service to listen to me? How about, “don’t mess with me, I’m a blogger.” Watch yourself or I just might write something. :)

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  5. All so true and hence a blog about 100! 100 isn’t much but it is MY 100 and it is what I have cultivated from simply 8 or 9 blogs. Little by little, people will come…or they won’t, yet it won’t change what I am doing or writing. I do appreciate the comments though, it creates an opportunity to interact and relate with your readers. And that is always lovely! ❤️⚓️

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  6. Good point. I just started my blog and I’m just trying to share my fitness experience with others. Maybe it’ll take off but maybe it won’t, as long as those who read it get something out of it, even if it’s only one person, it’ll make a difference to me!

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  7. Well said. Blogging first and first most should be fun, chasing numbers and follows and likes is not important. Good content, real connections, that’s what makes a difference

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  8. I have the same attitude. I post, then start planning for the next day’s post. I’m training myself to be a writer so, no matter how painful it is, I want to produce something daily that I’m not just throwing over the wall. Outside of one day, when I cheated a little, I’ve managed to do it for the last several weeks…

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  9. You nailed it! While it’s nice to have decent numbers more important is to have followers that read and enjoy our work. Blogging is fun for me and the best part of it is engaging with my followers.

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  10. I need just enough followers to reassure me I’m not just talking to myself, have fun and occasionally get a visit and a like from a good blogger. That’ll do.

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