New video: Reinvent Yourself

Reinventing yourself is one sure way to become more confident. Don’t be a noun, be a verb. Motion breeds emotion.


3 thoughts on “New video: Reinvent Yourself

  1. CHRISTIAN!!!!!! This is SOOOOOO cooooool!!! I loved it! Yay and Thank You! I’ve just started a new job that greatly involves my art but that also involves me doing things I’ve never done. I walk the tightrope of being excited, absolutely terrified and completely amused at the little emotional dance I’m creating around the unknown. What great timing for this pep talk. You rock! Cheers!!! :)

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  2. Change is the only constant thing and yes we should be prepared for changes and be adaptive. Only then can we grow and evolve within, increasingly moving towards equilibrium and perfection. Changes can be good or bad. If it’s good, then we enjoy. If bad, we learn from it. That would diverse the course of the topic to how to survive bad changes. But anyway, coming back to changes, yes one should be ready to absorb new experiences. It’s actually exciting and adventurous. Else life would be one straight line. Which mean, the obvious – that we aren’t alive.

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