On blogging: why?

blogingWhy? Why blog? Why choose to spend a lot of time writing down words so people from all over the world read them?


The exchange of information, opinions, and (sometimes) funny pictures. Maybe that’s why you should try to remember, at least from time to time, that there’s one thing all other blogs lack. And it’s you. Your opinions, your ideas, your voice. If you write like yourself, you’ll be successful. There’s no reason for me to think otherwise.

Truth be told, we can spend a lot of time dissecting and analyzing how blogging works, or how it should work, but the thing is that if you’re passionate about it, if you’re enjoying yourself, you’re doing fine. Both as a blogger and as a participant on other people’s blogs.

Never forget that you are adding something. Your words get to be read by people, and some might read them when they need them the most. Who knows?

You should never forget that you’re asking for people’s time (and money sometimes). Give them something in return, offer them valuable information, crucial insight, and be as genuine as you can.

Don’t hide behind a virtual wall.

Whether you earn money or not, blogging is a sort of business. You have to invest something if you want to get something in return. Yeah, it might not be money, but you’re still investing time. You know, the time you spend writing, the time you spend replying to comments, or the time you spend choosing a nice theme for your blog.

I’d say success isn’t measured by how many visitors or followers you have, or how many comments you receive. Success is measured by how content and proud you are with your blog. If you feel you’re doing something right, don’t stop. No matter how hard it gets.

So… why blog?

Because you can. Because it’s fun. Because you get to meet people from all over the world. Because your words can have an impact.

And ultimately, because it helps you grow as a person, while helping others do the same.


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