The Rules of Blogging

Here’s something about people who are good at something(as defined by certain criteria): they usually have no idea what they did to become good, or if they have certain ideas, they suck at explaining them.

Because most of the stuff that made them successful is what they’d describe as “common sense.” Meaning that they’re less inclined to share those ideas with the world for fear of insulting others(if it’s common sense, everyone should know about it and apply it, right?)

So here goes my list of common sense rules:

1. Persistence

It’s all about one’s mental capacity to do it and do it and do it, over and over again, until the job gets done.

It’s about facing defeat and failure and keep coming back for more.

2. Engagement

A blog is not a diary. It’s not all about you, you, you.

The content has to be engaging. People want either entertainment or information. If your posts provide neither, it’s not going to convince folks to subscribe.

Also, you’ve got to respond to folks who take the time to comment. Engagement as a means to build a community around your little space on the web.

3. Predictability

Say what?

Yeah. People like to know when to expect posts from you, what kind of posts, stuff like that.

Maybe you’ve got a Throwback Thursday that’s popular, or some other series. Imagine if you stopped doing that. People wouldn’t like it, because they were visiting your blog to read a new post in the series every week.

Making people to look forward to something is one of the most profitable things you could do.

4. Consistence

This one goes hand in hand with the previous rules.

You don’t have to blog daily, but you have to show up.

That’s the basic rule of success in any area of life. Showing up. For work, for your loved ones, for the gym, for your friends…

5. Break some rules.

Even I don’t follow all these rules. Which I know I should.

So, yeah, don’t be afraid to break some rules once in a while, just to see what happens.


32 thoughts on “The Rules of Blogging

  1. I am not good at being consistent, but I do most of the other rules. I do not plan my blog exactly. I just have fun with it, and post when I have something interesting to say or a photograph I particularly liked. I am slowly getting a steady amount of followers and I do follow up with my comments. I find that the most interesting part of the whole blogging experience. Some people enjoy my book reviews and others enjoy the photography. Then there are others that respond better to my mental health posts.
    I enjoy it and for now, that is the best thing of all!
    Chill MOm

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  2. How do you define ‘success’ in blogging? Is it by the number of followers, or by the numbers of comments (interaction), or by the number of views per post? Can success also be defined as the satisfaction of writing/blogging for just the joy of it?

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  3. I don’t know why there have to be “rules” when blogging. If they’re flexible, then perhaps ‘guidelines’ would work better. But even still, writing for myself rather than trying to create content for others is what I find most rewarding personally. I don’t really care about likes and views and all that. (that’s not at all to say I don’t appreciate the people who I interact with on here!) I suppose you would have to think about exposure to make a career out of it though.

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  4. I especially liked the last point. Yes breaking the pattern sometimes throws up interesting surprises. I’ve been blogging for a month on the trot. And I took a couple days off. I found in those two days people read more of the poems that I thought had been buried below the pile. Also, when you’re not writing you’re reading and I found a pretty good story from someone else’s blog to write a poem on! So break the pattern for sure every now and then. Not all the time.. That’s called breaking the habit. ;)

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  5. You’re right about common sense. There are things I see me doing here and elsewhere. Never really put it to words, but it fits. I see these holding true in a lot of other life areas.

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  6. Thanks for the tips :) I’m new to all of this so reading differing viewpoints and what not is helpful. Personally, I like to write about self-help and inspiration for the most part with some health and parenting mixed in. I’m all about helping people through their personal struggles from what I learned by experiencing my own at one time or another. How do make a living at this Cristian? Through affiliate work or something? Forgive my ignorance….

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  7. I use my blog to express my inner self, ideas, and thoughts that I can’t share with the world in person because it isn’t easily accepted. My blog is just a place to be me without any rules, I know I probably don’t attract many people, but it’s okay.
    These tips are great for those who are looking for an audience!

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  8. Great input! But what I like the most is your reply to a comment about what define blogging-success? I agree that it cannot be quantified with number of interaction like comments and like. I just got over that phase. I am just happy to be able to write. It’s therapeutic. If people would take time to read me, then that’s something I am gonna be thankful about.

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  9. I like your Pont about people who naturally have a great skill just think ‘it’s common sense.’ And then don’t think to explain it or can’t explain it. Perhaps realising that is what is going on is a step on the way to being a great teacher.

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