The harder the struggle

They say that the harder the struggle, the more glorious the triumph.

What they don’t say is that you’ll want to quit. Many, many times. You will wish it were easier. You will feel alone with your struggle. You will want to abandon everything and try something else. You’ll spend sleepless nights, empty mornings, and there won’t be much fun on Weekends.

Truth be told, you’ll want to give up. Over and over again, you’ll lose hope. You’ll cry, feel bitterness flooding your heart.

It’s hard, but not impossible.

To go to bed defeated at night and to wake up renewed, ready to fight another day.

Pain never lasts forever unless we quit.

We are not a failure until we give up.

You can do this!

But remember: the harder the struggle, the more glorious the triumph!


8 thoughts on “The harder the struggle

  1. This is how I finally figured out I really wanted something, I didn’t quit no matter how hard it felt to go through it. But you are right, the struggles are real and even scary. It’s good to hear the support you offer!

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  2. “Many of life’s failures didn’t realize how close they were to success when they finally gave up.” – Thomas Edison. A quote which is so true because the longer I write I have looked back at old material. Just thinking about wow, I am so close to having a career as a working writer with my screenplays, books, and playwrights. Blogging everyday keeps me in that mode. Writing since 2012, and now going on 6 years, seems a lot longer.

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