On blogging: The Big Secret

Expectation. It builds you up, but also has the habit of tearing you apart.

When it comes to blogging, it’s important to set realistic expectations.

What are those, you ask?

The realistic expectation is that no one is going to read your blog. Too harsh? Well, it’s also realistic to understand that the hardest battle you will fight is getting from 0 to 100 followers.

The first hundred posts, the first hundred comments…

That’s it.

If you can muster the self-discipline and the patience to actually write those first hundred posts, you will have found an audience.

It takes time, of course.

That’s the big secret. Time. The more you invest in your blog, whether is actually writing your posts, or tweaking the way your blog looks like, taking the time to respond to comments or just engaging others in the community, all of these will factor in and determine the level of success your blog enjoys.

Make no mistake. Time is the most valuable currency.

And maybe it’s best to remember, every now and then, that in a world of millions of blogs, to be found by someone else and to be read is nothing short of a miracle.



Do you have a WordPress blog? Do you want to know more about blogging? How to reach and engage an audience, what to write about? What to know about inspiration(or the lack of it), about what keeps you motivated in the long run? Want to know how to stay consistent, and what makes a blog post great?

The Journey, my guide on blogging, is available as a download on my e-store for only $2.99. Purchase here.


8 thoughts on “On blogging: The Big Secret

  1. Good article. I found that consistency has been key. Letting my followers know what date / time I post and then actually sticking to it. Once I started doing that, I found I had more followers. I might not have loads but I’m happy that anyone reads my blog :D

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