I understand that your kids have food allergies, please understand that my kids don’t.


Well it happened, we received the list of kids in my daughters class in order to ensure everyone receives a valentine. Of course the letter reminded us half a dozen times that no food is allowed WHATSOEVER! 


Now before you want to throw me off a roof, this is not a post talking shit about kids with food allergies, with that being said  better them then me however I do actually feel for these kids and can’t imagine having to deal with it.

Now thinking back to when I was a kid I can’t remotely remember anyone of my friends having an allergy to anything. We always brought food to school for special occasions, hell sometimes the teacher would bring in cookies or candy just for shits and giggles.

What has happened over the past thirty or so years? I have friends with kids that have food allergies and by…

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4 thoughts on “I understand that your kids have food allergies, please understand that my kids don’t.

  1. My brother was born in 1971 and has milk allergy. He is older than me, but my parents told the story of how they took him for ice cream when he was an infant, tried to feed him the ice cream, bumped it against his chin, and his face went up in hives.


  2. The more we sanitise, the more the body loses its ability to fight. That explains the rise of allergies.

    As to the school, I understand them. Allergies can kill!

    Ah yes, we live in a strange and different world now! No climbing in trees, playing in the streets, running in parks or fields, sharing our apples and biscuits. I feel so very old!


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