Remember this photo?

Well, if you were following my blog a year ago, you should. It took everything in me to take this photo, to look at it long enough, so I could upload it, and then write a post and ask for help. I was talking to one of my biggest supporters, a great guy who had helped me immensely with my projects, and I just couldn’t help but cry. I even told him that I didn’t want to live anymore. Better to roll over and die.

If this sounds like an exaggeration to you, well… this is kind of what happens when you struggle with the same issue for ten years. I remember the first time the dentist told me that, somehow, for causes unknown, all my teeth were decaying incredibly fast, and they all had to be replaced. They were incredibly brittle. He could scrape the enamel off the teeth effortlessly.

I remember seeing a bunch of other dentists too, and they all said the same thing. Had to get all of the teeth replaced, which would be quite expensive. We didn’t have the money back then. I just struggled with chewing food. Stopped looking people in the eye. Stopped smiling.

I know that to some of you, this may not seem like the worst thing to happen to a person. And you are right. But this was the worst thing to happen to me. I loved to have friends, talk to people, listen to their stories, offer advice. Now, all I could do was write. Made this blog. Was so ashamed of this problem, that I never mentioned it…

Never quite managed to earn enough to pay for the treatment. Did a few things, here and there, as cheaply as possible (which is a grave mistake when it comes to health issues), and, well… the truth is that I wanted to pay it all in one installment. Go to the best dentist in town, throw the money on his desk, and get it done with. I had struggled with this for five years, I had no patience…

I never managed to save the money that I needed. It felt like something was holding me back. It felt like standing still. You know, when you put a lot of effort into doing something and nothing happens? Well, that’s right before something great happens. I have come to recognize it. But I had quite a bit of bad luck, went through a terrible month, lost people, lost my ambition, motivation, drive…

It took a lot of guts to ask for help last year. Ten thousand dollars raised. I honestly didn’t think that I could raise the money. I thought that I’d probably be left without any teeth, that I’d be destined to die a monster. Not that I was expecting to live for a very long while anyhow.

This is how my teeth look right now. Quite the improvement. Yeah, I am wearing the same t-shirt. For demonstrative purposes. I do own more than one t-shirt. On the lower right side ( as you look at the picture) there’s a gap. There are two implants there, which have cost a thousand dollars. In a month I’ll have to get more teeth done on those implants ( we’re waiting for the gums to heal and all that). And then I’ll have quite the denture. Pretty proud stuff. And I’ll be able to eat better, and there’s no risk of the lower teeth to move towards the gap… which is something that would happen.

The cost of all this is around $2,000. I am certain we can reach this goal. Impossible is nothing, as they say.

First of all, if you’d like to help me out, get this done with, you can check out my e-store here, see if there’s anything you like. There’s a sale going on today ( details here). Anything you buy, most of the money will go towards pay for this treatment(I say most because, well, I got to use those teeth to eat, so I got to buy food from time to time to test them).

Also, if you do want to help me out, you can donate any amount you see fit here. This is the second option. I prefer the first, which is a more dignified way of getting help, and you do get something in return for your contribution.

That being said, I will keep you updated on the progress, on how much is raised, when I’ll have to get certain parts of this treatment done.

Oh, by the way, anyone who donates $50 or more will received a mystery box containing a signed copy of one of my books, and a bunch of others stuff. Which I won’t tell you about, because then it wouldn’t be called a mystery box. D’oh.

Thank you all for staying with me all these years, for the support, for offering me the chance to write and reach people and inspire.


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  1. I’ve been blogging for about 9 months now, so I was not here last year. But I am always astounded to find out how awesome your readers.
    Teeth procedures are incredibly expensive. Glad to hear you are progressing into the right direction.

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  2. Congrats on your progress and I wish you the best! I’m in a situation myself where I need something but can’t get it because of money issues. It’s very frustrating, but it’s always worth to keep pushing forward.

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