Though my soul may set in darkness…

Those are my favorite verses. I have written posts inspired by them before, mostly because I think that it’s one of the most beautiful definitions of bravery ever written.

Truth be told, it’s quite hard to think of something I haven’t been afraid of. Scrawny kid, strange kid, I used to spend so much time at the doctors… I used to be afraid of them. Still am. Afraid of spiders, of bugs, of dogs, of getting hurt, of darkness…

I spent my childhood being afraid.

Then I grew up and spent my teenage years and early adulthood being afraid of different things. Of failure, of success, of other people, of dying alone, of making a fool out of myself in front of a large number of people. Afraid to speak up, afraid to pursue my ambitions, afraid to tell people the truth about how I felt, still afraid of dogs…

Yet, somehow… I am still here, aren’t I? Still fighting, still doing my thing. Not as afraid of dogs as I used to be. Doing the scary thing before I get to think about it too much. Recognize the fear, count to ten, do it. And while you’re doing it, you kind of realize it’s not as scary as you thought.

Here’s the ironic truth: behind every fear lies someone you wish you were. Afraid of failure? You wish you were the kind of person who is a success. You’re afraid you’re not, you do not want to confront this, to find out…

But the thing is, you do not find out if you’re this or that. You only find out if you’re that person yet. That’s all. Three letter word that makes a hell of a difference.

You love the stars too fondly to be fearful of the night.

Let love guide you. Let that vision of who you want to be inspire you.

I did that.

Man, I was so afraid. Can’t imagine the terror I felt… how much time it took me to get things done, to learn things, to face my fears. I got my heart broken, and I thought I was going to die alone. I was this weird kid at school that had no friends, and I was afraid that no one would ever like me.

But I had a vision. I could see it, in my mind, as clear as what my eyes saw. I could see who I wanted to be, how I’d act, how everything would be, would feel…

I was afraid, but I did it anyway.

This is what we all feel. We carry our fears with us, we hide them deep inside, but we’re all afraid of something. The idea is not to be fearless… no… the idea is to face your fears, to recognize the lies those fears keep feeding you, and do whatever you would do if you weren’t afraid.

Because, one day, when looking back at your life, you’ll regret not facing your fears… you’ll regret not being brave enough to become who you’ve always wanted to be.


Right now, I am a bit afraid of not being able to raise the funds needed for my last dental procedure. We managed to raise 100$ yesterday. If you wish to find out more about it, go here.

If you wish to help me out, you can donate any amount you see fit here. Even if it’s one dollar. Especially if it’s one dollar. Or maybe more.

Any amount matters, any amount helps.

Time is of the essence, and I need your help.


4 thoughts on “Though my soul may set in darkness…

  1. You’re right…We are brave when we are facing our fears….I wish I could help you… I’m a student so…I have to ask my mom about it….I know if anyone really wants to help they can help anyway…Without any excuses….I will come back to you if I got permission


  2. A thought-provoking blog. An interesting, prevailing subject.
    I have found that expanding the acronym of FEAR with ‘False Evidence Appearing Real,’ disperses fear in most cases. The remainder, well, that is another story…


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