Your kid sucks at sports, and that’s OK! (Part of the “pussifacation” of America series)


Most of us have been there, our four year old son (or daughter) at his first day of t-ball, all the family is there with camera in hand to snap some photos and videos in order to capture our child’s first foray into competitive sports.

Fast forward about three years and here they are hitting of the coaches soft tosses from about seventeen feet away, well some of them are. Some of them are swinging the bat and falling over, some of them are are standing there still as a statue too nervous and afraid to do anything and all they hear are their parents and coaches yelling and screaming “swing”, “swing”, “what are you doing? Swing the bat!”. You get my point, by this age I think you should have a pretty good idea if your child is going to be any good at sports (well at least baseball…

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