I remember watching one of Jim Rohn’s speeches. He was telling how one time a couple girl scouts wanted to sell him cookies, and he didn’t have any money. He swore never to feel humiliated like that again.

Truth be told, men go to far greater lengths to avoid what they fear than they do to get what they want. You hit rock bottom and want to escape it so badly that you work your ass off to never be there again.

Once you get sick of your own bullshit, once you get so uncomfortable with what you have, who you are, then it’s the time to change. To become someone else. To grow, to expand…

Yet, happiness can only be found when standing still. Quite the paradox. Quite the dilemma.


  1. I love the thought process behind this. I find that there’s a lot of truth in comparing life to running. You need to either run toward something or away from something. Thanks for sharing!

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