To love.

To be loved.

To always be aware that you’re just a small part of this universe, yet an essential one.

To understand that everyone you meet in life is just like you. To respect them for the moments in which they act as if they’re not.

To keep hope alive during your darkest hours.

To never lose trust that the world is a wonderful place, worth fighting for.

To never lose your way when some try to prove how perverse and vulgar life is.

To never become complacent with routines for the sake of comfort and security.

To find joy in the saddest places.

To see all that is good and kind in others and help them keep their light.

To listen.

To never forget where you come from, neither where you want to go.

To be yourself, no matter how hard others try to turn you into what they’d want you to be.

To treat others in a way that reflects your character, not their attitude towards you.

To look for beauty. To create beauty.

To never simplify what’s complicated, or complicate what’s simple.

To feel.

To breathe.

To be aware.

To be alive. More and more so everyday.

And above all, to watch. Everything that happens around you. To never look away.

And never, ever forget.

You are magic. And so is everything around you.

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