Mindful Anchors – The bridge between your mind and body?


Hello and welcome back guys. I remember in my last blog post I was eager to promote mindfulness to you as a great solution. I suggested you learn the nature of anchors first. My reason for this was because I wanted to give you a strong foundation to build upon.
Before I explore the benefits I want to give a recap on how you use an anchor in practice. Generally, it involves you choosing something to focus on with only your senses. It could be a particular sound you hear, something you see or feel in your body. It is not necessary to concentrate on your anchor, just notice it with a light sense of curiosity. When you sense your mind drifting away, allow it to do so. Then when you are ready return back to your anchor.

When you eventually get familiar with this practice it will improve the…

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One thought on “Mindful Anchors – The bridge between your mind and body?

  1. I’ve been practicing Mindfulness meditation for about two years now after having taken for about 6 months of private lessons. It is very powerful and even used at the main hospital in Geneva Switzerland. I can only recommend people to take a serious look at it because it works.

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