The long road to success

150 days. That’s how much it took to earn my first money through Amazon’s Affiliate Program. Five to eight posts a day on irevuo. Lots and lots of hours spent reading books, writing reviews, watching movies, writing reviews on them…

A hundred and fifty days.

Let that sink in a bit. Especially if you believe that blogging and social media are some sort of shortcut to earning a ton of money easily. Unless 24 cents are a great deal of money for you, then they’re not.

But… this got me excited. Why?

Because it means you can earn more. You need to work harder, to write even better articles, to put out even more content…

How many of you would have given up at this point?

Writing for a hundred and fifty days only to earn 24 cents? How many of you would have given up way before this?

If success were easy, we’d all be rocking six pack abs and driving Lamborghinis. But it’s not easy, is it? You need to do things that don’t seem to make sense to those who are reasonable, realistic, rational.

It does not make sense to write for eight years on the idea that one day you’ll become a full time writer. It’s not feasible. To starve yourself to death for so many years, writing and writing and writing, and fighting for your dream even when no one else believes in it. And getting excited because you sold 3 e-copies of a short story and earned $1.05 before taxes.

Now, ask yourself in what area of your life did you give up easily? What dream did you abandon because you expected things would work out easy and fast?

The road to success is paved with countless failures. Never forget this, because I won’t!


  1. I have similar conversations with myself. l made seventy cents on my books (6 of them) last month. I guess I did better than you but that is of little comfort. Keep fighting the fight, I intend to.

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  2. If there s a double star hre, that’s wht I gave this piece, like seriously. Thanx xo much for this motivation and the others past. It s been a lot of help. The type u probably never imagined it could be.

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  3. This is why I still have a day job and why my blog is only advertising for my photography. I have prints in a couple of shops and hope to have the images on other products as soon as I can find place that can give me wholesale rates on smaller volumes. I wish you much success in future my friend!


  4. Everyone has to start somewhere. I’ve been working for the last 18 months doing nothing put putting money into my start-up author business and giving things away before I even put a book on Amazon or anywhere else; domain name registration, copyright registration, web hosting fees, and on and on. I don’t even want to think about how many hours I’ve spent on building my author bubble in cyberspace and putting out little branches to connect with others. But you can’t make money if you don’t have a solid foundation. And where there is a cent there is a dollar. I say go for it!

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