Meeting your emotions with mindfulness


Emotions can be thought of as instinctive, like a “gut feeling”. They are the forces that express our taste and distaste towards life. It is hard to explain or measure what an emotion is, it is also meaningless to do so. I believe what makes a human being wonderous is the fact that we are imperfect and irrational. Our unpredictable nature makes living, a spontaneous expression of art. Living with the spontaneity and lack of clarity is where I believe we grow our virtues and character. These are things unique to mankind.

I have often seen people disregard their own emotions and believe that it is wrong to feel at all. I have often seen people who experience mood swings, and let their emotions demotivate them from where they want to be. It is clear that some choose to run from their emotions, deny they exist or get overwhelmed by…

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