When you feel like giving up…

I have been writing for fourteen years now. More than half of my time on this planet. And I’ll keep doing this until they’ll plant me in the ground and throw dirt on top of me.

First story I ever shared with someone – I posted it on an online forum when I was fourteen – there wasn’t a single positive comment. Someone said I should try some other hobby, someone said I was either a retard or fourteen years old. I chose not to listen. I kept writing. I read even more books.

First book I ever self-published – back in January 2011 – I sold 2 paperbacks and 2 e-book copies in three months and called it quits. I deleted my first blog because no one was reading it. I spent a few months without writing a single word.

When I decided to give it another go, in April 2012, I sold 3 copies of a short story an earned a grand total of $1.05.

I’ve lost count of the times I tried and tried to make irevuo popular.

I worked sixteen hours a day for two weeks on the first and only issue of a digital magazine that got some hundred or so downloads.

I worked on this blog, every single day, for the last six years.

I am currently writing anywhere between five to ten posts a day on irevuo.

Editing all my novels, writing new stuff…

I write and I write and I write. And I never, ever give up.

I never let the bad things that happen to me shape my view of the world, or make me compromise myself. Yes, you read that right. I do not wish to compromise myself and give up on my dream or settle for less than what I want.

I am going to keep writing, no matter what. Come hell or high water.

People think perseverance is kind of dumb. They think that success is any given field ought to be determined by some mystical alignment of the stars, or some god-given ability, or luck, or knowing the right people, or being born into the right family.

My father went bankrupt when I was eighteen years old. He stole money from me, and then never spoke to me again.

I wasn’t born into this. No one in my family writes. They don’t even read the stuff I write.

But I keep doing it.


Because it’s my dream. Only mine. And I choose if I want to make it come true or not. No one else has any say in the matter.

Imagine you’re driving to a certain destination. Maybe you’re with some friends, maybe you’re all alone. Maybe you enjoy the company you have, maybe not so much. But you reaching your destination has anything to do with the people in your car? Aren’t you the one in control? Aren’t you the only one who decides when you arrive at your destination, how fast you travel, and all that?

We are the masters of our souls, yet we do everything we can to exempt ourselves from this responsibility.

A sad truth.

I will keep on writing because this is my purpose, this is what makes me come alive, and this is what I want to die doing. End of story!


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$1,200 left to raise.

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2 thoughts on “When you feel like giving up…

  1. Cristian, you rock!
    What a wonderful post; inspiring even though I suppose you didn’t write this to be inspiring. You are just writing from the heart, from the gut.
    Was it Hemingway who said something like writing was easy. You just have to sit there and ‘bleed’. ? That’s what this post sounded like today . You have made a real name for yourself in literary circles! Well done for not giving up.
    Keep rocking and giving so much pleasure to those who are following your articles and reading your books. Regards. Marie.
    Every time I read a news of your posts I get two burning questions…
    A) how is it possible that at your young age your command of the English language is better, far better than most native speakers of English (myself included)?
    B) what is the origin of the name ‘irevuo’ ?
    I found ‘revuo’ to mean ‘magazine’ in Esperanto so could it be possibly linked to that?

    Liked by 2 people

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