They say the easiest thing to do is to grow complacent with ideas, or thing, or people. To take them from granted. And it’s usually when that thing is about to be taken away from us that we realize how much we need it, how much we love it.

Take health, for instance. Something most people take for granted. But if their health were to be taken away from them, then I am sure that they would do anything possible to get it back.

I’ve always been sick, under medication, under the curse of some affliction or disease. I’ve spent an awful lot of Christmases in the ER, or at home, sick beyond any reason of a doubt.

Almost died a few times too.

We humans are funny creatures. We can adapt to almost anything. We can accept almost any situation as if we were born into it, as if there’s no other way.

Suffer enough defeats in life and you won’t even dream of success. It will be impossible to be defeated again, but it will also be impossible for you to win.


The issue that I have been struggling to fix for over ten years now. Only $850 are needed to finally fix this issue. To have something that most people take for granted. The ability to eat, to smile, to enjoy life, to laugh without hiding your face away, or placing a hand cowardly over your mouth.

I can only imagine how that feels like.

A distant dream.

A dream from another life perhaps.

Eight hundred and fifty dollars.

And I need your help. I truly do.

Any amount you can help me with, any amount you can contribute with.

It helps. It truly does. It brings me closer to reaching my goal, and being able to do all the things that most people take for granted. Things I’ll never take for granted, for I had to struggle and suffer for an entire decade to have them.

If you wish to help me out, you can donate any amount you see fit via PayPal here. Any amount at all.

Also, you can purchase advertising, books, e-books, and so much more here.

The situation is urgent, and I need to finish this last stage as soon as possible least I risk running an infection.


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