Emotional Intelligence


In my last blog post I discussed the idea of being able to meet your emotions mindfully. This meant being able to tolerate and accept your emotions. In my opinion, this is a hard task to accomplish immediately. Realistically, it takes regular practice in order to master your emotions. This is because your emotions do not work the same way as the rational mind does.

An emotion is a personal reaction or stance towards an action, object, person or value. Some emotions we can trace very easily to what caused them. For example, feeling happy or excited from watching your favourite TV show. However other emotions or feelings are harder to trace or describe. For example, the uneasy feeling you have when you wake up and are caught between wanting to get up and wanting to stay in bed.

It is even possible to have emotions triggered by other emotions…

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4 thoughts on “Emotional Intelligence

  1. Great post! EI has been very popular recently (but it’s been around for a while) and even factors into the workplace. In essence, having high emotional intelligence helps in personal and professional relationships and results in higher success in interacting with people at home and at work.


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