This post will go viral

Viral. Defined as a piece of information that is circulated rapidly and widely from one Internet user to another. Usually it’s a video of a pet doing something silly. Usually.

I have been chasing this for almost six years now. Dreaming about one of my posts going viral. Writing certain posts with the intent of them going viral. Maybe, maybe… you never know, right?

The obvious side-effect was that there were times when I didn’t enjoy having this blog as much as I should have. None of my posts reached the level of traffic that I envisioned. Blogging daily for almost six years, not one of my posts went viral.

What did I get in return?

A few million views, well over a hundred thousand followers, thousands upon thousands of comments.

A usual day looks like this.

At the end of the month, my stats look something like this:

I know that a lot of bloggers would like to have this kind of traffic. But I’ve been too busy playing the lottery to appreciate it. Yes, you read that right. I’ve been playing the lottery for over six years. You pay a few bucks for a ticket and somehow wish to win millions. You write a single blog post and you want a million views, a book contract, and five interviews. Instant fame.

We have become addicted to instant gratification. We want it now. But there’s more to this phenomenon, I think. We also lie to ourselves about the hard work that we have to put in order to get from here to there. The grind. We secretly wish that there will come a day when the grind will be over. You blog for a period of time and then that one post goes viral and you’ll never have to worry about anything ever again.

You write novels and that one novel reaches bestseller status.

You go through relationship after relationship until you finally meet your soulmate and it’s all going to be sweet and beautiful and oh, so Instagram worthy that it’s going to make people puke rainbows and unicorns.

I am kind of beginning to understand that it doesn’t work like that. None of it. Blogging, writing, love, life…

This never ends.

A bodybuilder friend of mine told me that when he first started lifting weights he thought that the muscle mass he gained would stay even if he quick working out.

Does it?

I am afraid not.

You don’t use it, you lose it.

Yeah, had to write that down to make everything feel like a motivational speech of sorts.

So, basically, it never ends. And we play the lottery, and even if we won, it wouldn’t matter. But we make ourselves miserable. We fail to appreciate the simple act…

Like building a house. You dream about the way it will look when completed, that we fail to enjoy the process of laying one brick next to the other. We sometimes fail to comprehend the important of doing just that. How much it matters, how, if we didn’t do it, we’d never build anything.

We dream of one of our posts going viral instead of enjoying the opportunity to write our thoughts, to reach people, to inspire, to build something, to create something that shouts “I have not lived in vain.” We look at the numbers, and fail to realize that those numbers represent people, and that our words reached them, maybe helped them feel less lonely or gave them hope.

If you obsess about the destination, you won’t enjoy the journey. And, guess what? Upon arriving at your destination, you’ll realize that it, too, has lost its importance.


  1. I suppose every burst of attention can be a blessing and a curse. We shouldn’t live for the attention, because we lose ourselves along the way. Feel better, sir.

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  2. I feel ashamed to admit that this does sound familiar, and even though I just started my blog I can’t wait for the numbers to increase. I have to constantly remind myself that it takes time and more importantly I am writing to please myself and reach out to like minds, NOT to gain publicity. Still appreciating the journey and thank you for sharing this, it’s important and probably the most common type of situation faced by a blogger. Thanks again !


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