What if I fall?


“What if I fall?” 
“Oh my darling, what if you fly?”

Do you ever ask yourself if you like the person you are? If you are who you’ve always wanted to be? Do you know who you want to be?

To be honest, it wasn’t until a few weeks ago that I realized who I really wanted to be. I want to be that guy who tells people they can fly. I want to see the magic they have stored up in their hearts for so long. And I want to make them see it, I want to make them use it. Because, truth be told, falling is just another way to fly.

Ask yourself, “What if I actually fly?” Ask yourself that, over and over again, until you stop worrying you’ll fall. And once you genuinely believe that you can fly, never let anyone take that from you. Never let that spark go out.

And I find it sad that it’s not the fall that breaks most people, but rather fear. Or doubt. They stare down and they’re afraid of what might happen. The fall won’t break you. Trust me. If you’re brave enough to try to fly, the fall won’t ever, ever destroy you.

Failure is temporary. Pain is temporary. Anger is temporary. Hopelessness is temporary.

Quitting, however… that one lasts forever.

I believe that if grownups would have been required to learn how to walk, most of us would be crawling on floors. You fall and you get up, you fall and you get up. Sometimes it hurts. You cry. But then you try again. Idealism is a bizarre mixture of hope, naivety, and enthusiasm.

Courage. Ambition. Perseverance.

You’ll have all that, and a lot more, when your belief in the possibility of succeeding becomes stronger than your fear of failure.

I see magic in people. I see magic in the artists that I admire. I see an endless potential for greatness. It’s my choice to see that in them, even when they aren’t willing to see it themselves.

For a long time I used to believe that I had been born to be great. That I’d conquer the world. That I’d change something, leave something behind. It’s not true, actually. I wasn’t born to be great. No one ever is. I took that. I told myself that. I lied to myself. I stumbled from failure to failure. I decided to be self-propelled, to be fueled by my desire to become great, not by others seeing that greatness in me. I decided to fight for what I wanted, because no one would ever fight that battle for me.

So… what if you fly? What if you can actually do it?


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  1. “Is he falling or flying?” is a question that folds into many themes in Toni Morrison’s “Song of Solomon,” starting in the first sentence, when “The North Caroling Mutual Life Insurance agent promised to fly from Mercy to the other side of Lake Superior at three o’clock.” And ending when … well, just read the book. It’s one of the great novels of the past 50 years. Gary Gautier

  2. While my wings may still be rudimentary, I’m flapping as hard as I can! Here’s hoping we both catch the next thermal! Keep on soaring, my friend!

  3. I believe you’re born to be great. What “being great” means simply depends on the definition. To me, you are great. Having learned a foreign language all by yourself (as far as I know) and mastering it at your level is simply amazing to me.
    Many people rely too much on what others think. But so very often, these “friends” project their fears into you and your situation and that’s what brings you down, even before you get to lift off.

  4. I know I am not the person who I want to be, but all I can do at the moment is work toward becoming him. Hopefully, I will not be disappointed with the man I meet down the road.

  5. If I fly, I’ll be getting paid to write. Not likely but one can hope, huh? You’re right though. We’re NOT meant to be great. We have to make it for ourselves. It’s stupid to think that we deserve something based on our existence. Hopefully you are flying and not failing.

  6. I love the first two lines!! Fantastic reminder that we each need to have posted to our mirrors or bedsides for morning reminding. My children think they can fly, and I’ll be damned if I tell them different. I’m sure even Einstein had his nay-sayers, but someone encouraged him. Someone believed in him. Otherwise he would have been like the other millions of people who stayed instead of trying to fly.

  7. The first thought that came to mind when I saw this post was flying in my dreams when I was a child. When I woke up, I would be sad and try desperately to fall back into the dream and forced myself back to sleep. There’s no fear in dreams when you fly. It was like swimming through the air. Maybe that’s when I knew I could fly and have been taking off and landing all of my life. As you said, the landings can be rough but it’s all worth it when you feel that sweet rush of lift off again and you soar. :)

  8. Wow! Your writing is always inspirational one! Really love it! And honestly in this moment I really need motivation thing. Thank you for this blog post~ May I reblog this post? hehe

  9. You truly are a dreamer! I believe in magic and I’m naive unfortunately in the end I’m not a fighter this is why I don’t fly, yet! Well written story about grownups, and our fear to fall.

  10. Thank you for blogging this. it touched me. admittedly I sometimes review my life and wonder if I am even a smidgen of who & what I’m supposed to have been. heartbreaking…then I come across a post like this and I am reminded again to have faith, believe, “take up my matt and walk”! God bless you…”I believe I can fly”!

  11. Cristian,yoy inspire me with your writings.We are slowly learning we are not going to be rockstar which we dremt in our childhood,and we are really pissed off.But surely we will fly since failure is temporary.
    thanx again.

  12. You are right. No one is hurt from a fall. It’s making contact with Terra firma immediately following the fall that’s the problem.

    But seriously, some risks are necessary if we are to learn to soar.

  13. You believe you can do it and you never stop trying until you succeed. Maybe you will fail, but not giving up allows you to tell yourself that at least you tried so you can be proud, because you never gave up.

  14. The most real, humble touching, genuine and relatable thing I’ve read in a very long time. I only joined WP a few days ago, and while I see so many talented, creative, diverse types of posts, poems and writing — I keep finding that much of what/who I’m coming across is so very like what I myself just wrote or feel. As different in style, wording or length —- the expressions, feelings and thoughts seem intertwined. This was wonderful, thank you for sharing this.

  15. This is inspiring! Thank you so much for sharing. We as humans have this fear of the unknown. We like comforts, we feel safe with what we know. But if we spend my whole life doing what we know… we will never achieve anything new. We will never do anything extraordinary and we will never really live.

  16. This reminds me of how I stopped being afraid of the dark. After asking myself: what if there are monsters lurking in the shadows? I would ask: what if there are girls in bikini awaiting for mi? This maid me realize that both scenarios were just and as likely to happen, and I stopped fearing the dark.

  17. Awesome. It’s one of the reasons we homeschool, to teach our children that they can fly. Society can be too intent on keeping everyone crawling, even to the point of hucking rocks at those that run.

    Funny thing, though…it’s taken me until very recently to realize that I, as an adult, can still learn to fly….

  18. Falling is simply flying in the opposite direction. There are things to see 360° around you; the possibilities are limitless.

    ‘Falling’ has a negative connotation but it’s a word that can have many positive meanings. Falling in love. Falling together. Falling into place. It depends on your perspective.

    What a fantastic and inspiring piece of writing this is. It was a great way to start my morning. :-)

  19. What a great post. Sure, we all stumble along the way, but the path to greatness is found through soldiering on. It’s such a shame to see people not even make an attempt to do the things they were meant to do and be the person they were meant to be. Life can be amazing once you just push through that one (or however many) obstacle in your way from claiming your destiny!

  20. To infinity and beyond? I like!

    “I believe that if grownups would have been required to learn how to walk, most of us would be crawling on floors.” Profound. Love it.

  21. At the beginning, Salvador Dalí (one of the most famous artists) told himself over and over that he was born to be a genius and he actually did. I wonder how strong we could be if we believe we are strong. They say:” You will become what you think” and I hope it is true because there are many failures in our lives. If you have only the belief, there won’t be enough. You have to live a life working non-stop. You have to struggle to achieve what you want and then with a little spark of destiny, you will fly… or at least you will not live a useless life.
    Thanks for sharing this blog post. It impresses me :)

  22. Such a good article! It’s kind of funny that that is part of what I told myself and a bit of what my parents said but I think I have an awesome purpose and that is what I’ll strive for.

  23. I doubt myself always. I’m being cripple by fear for so long but I’m trying my best not to make it last for a lifetime! I’m doing my best to conquer it. I love the way you inspire people Cristian! Great work! Great words! Thank you very much! I’ll definitely learn how to fly, conquering the fear of falling.


  24. By the time I got the end of all the comments I felt like I was falling but remembering YOUR words now……I prefer to soar. Nice work.

  25. Hi there. I don’t know you any more than you know me, but I’ve got to admit we share the same philosophy. You see, for the longest time, I was afraid to let anyone see what I wrote. I thought in that moment that I was afraid of failure. Looking back, I know better. It was fear of success that was keeping me from sharing my work. I have just recently started to dabble with blogging, and hope to one day put my actual work up here, but just like all those years ago, I fear success. What if…? What if people LOVE what I have to say and they want more? I HATE the spotlight! What if someone wants a book signing? Can I have a friend do it for me, pretending she’s me? We’re ALL capable of flying. We just have to decide what’s holding us down, and determine (on our own time, at our own pace) when we feel our wings are sturdy enough. Great post!!

  26. This was so inspirational. I did some of this same soul searching on my blog today. I realized that I was more afraid of what was within me than all of the external fears I thought I struggled with. Reading this was the perfect next step that I needed. After you realize your fears, it’s time to overcome them! Thank you so much for the last push I needed. I want more than anything to help others realize they can be happy and fly too, so I want you to know you did that for me today. Peace, love, and namaste friend. <3 Niki

    • Your post is very inspiring. It brings the question to mind – what would I be doing if money was not a factor. The answer for me is exactly what I am doing now but I would arrange to do more traveling. Everyone’s answer is different depending on what is in their heart. Thank you for the encouragement to dream.

  27. Once saw a quote, “‘Come to the edge,’ he said,
    ‘But we are afraid.’
    ‘Come to the edge.’
    They came, he pushed them, and they flew.
    Perhaps this is the person you want to be – the person who pushes those he knows can fly?

  28. Sometimes your past experiences become an obstacle and pull down your wings even if you wish to fly. But then again you have to constantly remind yourself that life happens only once and that you must try… Great post!

  29. It’s so incredibly important to remember that pain and fear is only temporary. So many people give up on their dreams too easily for fear of failing or getting hurt, when in reality, it’s the quitting that sometimes causes the most pain. I loved this post! So thought provoking!

  30. I think we are all destined for greatness, for rising above circumstance and finding our God-given place in life. However the path to greatness is that of service and not Lordship so we often miss it…

  31. Exactly what I needed to remind myself and exactly when I needed reminding. Thank you for reminding me of how I felt when I was your age and reminding me that only if I remained in the “quit” phase, will I never succeed at what I want. Now that I have given up the overwhelming grief and decided to live again I will be able to achieve as long as I keep moving forward. I CAN fly, all I have to do is jump!

  32. What an immensely uplifting post! Even though I have just discovered your site, I can vividly feel your above article shining with positive optimism and writing enthusiasm. it is definitely the most illuminating one that I have ever read in WordPress!

  33. I see the life as a springboard. Every fall is a call to recover up. I am held right and if I did not have so much to fall, I do not think that I shall have been able to manage to be so straight ;) a day, today, I hope to walk without not having any more to fall :) and I can even the life of top. The life is so beautiful.

  34. I love this post! Hollywood had marketed the myth that we are all born great, and we begin to search for physical evidence of our greatness. We started to pursuit material success and achievements, and measure our greatness by such standards. But greatness is a seed planted in all of us – courage, resilience, kindness, grace, mercy, love. These are greatness that stay and preceed us, and become our legacy. Greatness is not fearing to fall, so that we can fly.

  35. I have just over come a 6 mth writing block basically by just sitting down and doing it! A month ago I was so chuffed just to do another blog entry! Little things are what matter and you sum it up so well here! Just keep flying and when you come down then go again…

  36. I have to admit that this is the first actual blog post I have read in entirety, and what a perfect message!!! It especially spoke to me tonight! I am brand-spankin-new to blogging (1.5 weeks strong) and was completely apprehensive about being so open and sharing so deeply….then what if I got negative feedback or no one even read my blog. Taking that first jump is the hardest part…If I fall, I will fall better next time. If I fly? Well, I’m not sure if this is common or something to be excited about, but in a week and a half my blog was tweeted by Livestrong, posted on the website of a global cancer support network (PMPSurvivor.org), and today I was asked to write for a cancer support magazine. Nonetheless, all of this is very cool and I could not have read a more perfect post before I log off for the night. Thank you!!!!

  37. Great post! You remind me of the saying that when I get to the end of all I know and look down to an abyss, I will either find ground beneath my feet or be given wings to fly.

  38. “Ask yourself, “What if I actually fly?” Ask yourself that, over and over again, until you stop worrying you’ll fall.” I kind of love that line. I had a crappy day and this really helped actually. So thank you.

  39. I’ve found that it takes a lot of experience at falling and getting back up numerous times to realize that you shouldn’t fear it. Also realizing that the fall can break your ass and put you through some serious recovery time. But once you get back up, the memory of the pain endured from the fall is fleeting. Word!

  40. I’ve not studied my free education since March, this year. Fear, hate, and disgust with self and others has settled in…. I’ve completely given up on my dream! Now, it’s time to re-grasp that dream and never let go of it ever again, PERIOD! Thanks for not only the encouragement, but the REKINDLING THE FIRE within. It’s very much appreciated, and I’m glad we’ve met in here! My name is Jon.

    • Do you like “poetic essays” on social issues? Some of my future posts will seem like what you’re finding now,true, I do admit that, but I’m striving to provide hope and more to a hurting world. Read my introductory blog at

      theiowanwriter.wordpress.com. Maybe someday I’ll be published in print?!

  41. Funny… is the second article I read today with a “What if?” question… I never dreamed to tell people what to do, I am not another Jesus or Buddha and I am not interested to become one… but I believe with all my heart that we all have our own experiences to live, to feel, so we can get THERE… where? They call it HOME… I like that name… I like the way it feels… we are keep trying to find the light at the end of the tunnel, somewhere outside of us, in what others say or do… It is being said that the eyes are the gate of our soul… With so many people who forgot about love, no wonder that so few of us really find that light in a lifetime… Me? I didn’t need to fly, I didn’t need to be told what to do or God knows what else… I just had to open my eyes, accept myself just as I am and let myself be… that’s it :)

  42. Brilliant post. I really enjoyed it. Best part for me is:

    Failure is temporary. Pain is temporary. Anger is temporary. Hopelessness is temporary.
    Quitting, however… that one lasts forever.

    How quickly do we quit when something just doesn’t go our way. I have many things I look back on and say why did I ever quit. But at the time it seemed like the only option.

  43. You drive a very solid point with this piece of writing. I agree on the above comment, the fact that, that point, is the best part of the entire article.
    It’s easy to be driven into the ground and to forget why we keep pushing and why we keep trying, and the answer is fairly simple, because a few things a truly worth pushing on for. We create values and they become the very foundations for why we live life.
    Strip someone of the things that truly matter to them, and that is when quitting suddenly makes a lot of sense.

  44. I love this blog post, I gave me so much hope a confidence to do anything that I wanted to do today. I love the part where you said that “fear is temporary” along with all of those negative things. Also I think that along with being afraid to fall most people are afraid to fly as well. But I’m happy that I read this. Keep up the great work

  45. This post found me at the right time. My inspiration is renewed and my courage recharged. Suddenly, failing (and falling) don’t seem so scary anymore.

    Thanks for sharing!!

  46. This is awesome. So awesome. Beautifully written. It really hit me when you began talking about how you believed you were meant to change the world, but realized it was all in your own perspective. I am completely on the same page, but often find myself still clinging to the idea that I was meant to be that greatness. I don’t know. I do know that I want to fly. That too, is often an idea I find myself half there, half not…


  47. WOW!! So timely to stumble upon your site and this post. Inspiring !! Thank you for the reminder to keep going even if it’s scary!

  48. Great prose and insight! Fear is the world’s biggest challenge. I’ve had many people afraid of me, not if they knew me, but because they assume that all “criminally insane” people are dangerous. That’s simply a false conclusion that the media loves to throw at people with all their drama. I’m not dangerous. I just have a different set of chemistry going on in my brain than most “normal” brains have. That’s what made me commit my crime-I wasn’t on any medication for I didn’t know I was different because of a mental illness. Thanks for this post!

  49. “Quitting lasts forever”- saying this requires a great intrapersonal knowledge. I won’t say philosophical knowledge, you know. A great piece of inspiration. Thank for acknowledging me with it!

  50. I think it’s possible that the fear of not failing, but succeeding, is far scarier. I feel that the idea that our wildest dreams are truly within our grasp is perhaps too terrifying even to ourselves. If I could fly, then that means there would be no excuses for me to not try. and that would mean all the negative things I’ve told myself are all just excuses!

  51. So many comments, it took me forever to scroll down to the bottom! You are a popular guy. Anyway, I thought that was a brilliant message, and one that is very appropriate for my current situation. Thank you.

  52. This is truly amazing. Thank you so much for this. This reminds me of something I’ve read somewhere that says, “If you wanna fly, you have to give up the things that weigh you down.” We’ve got to give up those fears and learn to fly. :)

  53. So wonderfully inspiring! These are the words I needed to hear when I was in difficulty, trying to take one of the most difficult decisions – because I wanted to fly, but I was afraid to fall. I’m happy to say that I decided to fly, and your post just helps me believe it was the right decision. Thanks you for sharing!

  54. What if… better yet, I can fly. I soar through the day with wide open wings and a wide open heart. I look upon my surroundings and learn from them and seek the path of choice by what I see. I act upon preparedness and careful thought just as a bird calculates their target. “What if…” brings about uncertainty and uncertainty brings about worry. We can (do such named thing as we please). We do so by avoiding the “What if (any negativity).” So, there is no such thing as “What if I fall?” When we learn to forget the worries, can we then fully achieve our intentions.

  55. Well, flying is a part of my life, but life is not always on top, it’s like a wheel; sometimes there is the time when I have to look down, rest my wings to contemplate, rest my wings to gain stronger strength!

  56. Me too. I completely agree with you. what else?

    Ah yes! does not exist any other fear that the fear of the unknown… or of the death… they are quite similar. This is the question: live in fear or eat our own fear even it could be a poison?

  57. wow this is a great reminder and so inspiring. I have also been held back recently by the fear of falling. I’ve been let down and failed in my own eyes. But, it is because of these failures that I realized failing is not a big deal, you pick yourself up and try something else. It is how you respond to the failure that defines who you are.

  58. I just wanted to say that this was super inspiraional. The way you wrote this really made me think, I was really glad that you liked my last blog post becuase I would probably not have found you otherwise. I look forward to being able to read more of your post, I enjoyed this one so much, I just know I will love them all.

  59. Yes Christian. I read it all. We have a lot in common I see; and need really to journey together. iIf you see my opening post it’s a bit like yours except I think we are born to be great but many will not be great because they fail to exploit the immense potential in them. I see you are already great; but the best is still to come.

  60. I’ve just been reading what others are saying about this inspiring post. i wish to appreciate the inspiring comments coming from Andrea, Zoebeardmore, and Visual ART Inspiration. You guys join Cristian to say things that I like to hear.

  61. Thank you for being brave enough yourself to create a piece of writing that was, is and will be the wind beneath the wings of those who read it. At various times throughout my life I have felt I could fly. What makes me want to do it is the visualisation of where we could go, where this ability could take us…… as far as we wish to travel!

  62. I am glad you see the magic in people. We are all reflections so you obviously know how to find magic in yourself. To fall or to fly. Wow. What an alternative! Thank you deeply.

  63. I absolutely love this post. I’ve been wavering for quite a while about which dream I should trust myself to chase: to be an artist or to be a writer? I love writing with such a passion but I’m so afraid of failing. However, I think your post just inspired me to fulfill my ability to fly. Thank you so much

  64. This is exactly the question I’ve been asking myself (and the teens I have the privilege of serving) for the last several weeks. I’m thankful to have discovered you and your inspiring blog. Thank you for following your heart!

  65. There is an art, it says, or rather, a knack to flying. The knack lies in learning how to throw yourself at the ground and miss. Pick a nice day, [The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy] suggests, and try it.

  66. I’ve been listening to your video on writing. I’m going to keep it handy. There are times when I need a little encouragment and you have given me what I need. I tell other people to “put your butt in the chair and write!” I guess you have just told me the same thing. Thanks

  67. “Failure is temporary. Pain is temporary. Anger is temporary. Hopelessness is temporary.

    Quitting, however… that one lasts forever.”

    wonderful post! Quitting and dying are synonymous.

  68. High five! I only just recently figured out what I really want to do as well, and you’re right, it’s always fear that stops us. I’m gonna’ have to admit that I’m still scared of failure but who isn’t. Better to try than to not try at all.

  69. An important way of thinking. You can’t fly unless you can dream of it and believe in yourself. Children learn to walk, at least in part because they see adults and older kids walking–they know it’s possible. I think people want to be the best they can be. I’ve noticed that honesty and integrity are cultivated in companies when managers let their reports know that it is expected. I’ve sometimes wondered how important the expectations of those you love are to exemplary behavior and accomplishments. How many of us do our best and do what we believe to be right because we don’t want to disappoint people who are important to us?

  70. Thank you – I’m going to start (and keep) telling myself “what if I actually fly?” over and over. I’ve never heard it put like that before, and I like the feeling you give us by saying that.

  71. Wow. Thank you for this post, it is inspiring. Sometimes I struggle with the same questions, and to know that there are others who feel the same way is encouraging. Also- I love your writing, it is very readable. Keep it up.

  72. ” Idealism is a bizarre mixture of hope, naivety, and enthusiasm.” I like that. I just may link back to this post in a future one of mine, if that’s okay. There are dangers with not looking before you leap and irresponsibility is the flip side of “what if you fly” especially in cases I’ve dealt with, but the genuine, joyful way this is written deserves merit. A lovely post.

  73. The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy states: “There is an art to flying, or rather a knack. Its knack lies in learning to throw yourself at the ground and miss. … Clearly, it is this second part, the missing, that presents the difficulties.”

    There is magic in us all … trying to help those who don’t believe in it is a noble cause indeed. Not only that, if you convince ONE person, then:
    Your greatness is achieved
    You have conquered one person’s world and changed it forever.
    You have left something behind.

    Making a difference in one person’s life can change the world … one outward ripple at a time.

  74. I see you’ve continued writing! And the readers you’ve touched with what you write, surely, that’s worth any trouble writing ever makes :)

  75. I used to be (actually I still largely am) a fearer. I was always driving myself to anxiety about things failing and going wrong. One day someone said to me (yelled at me actually because we were having an argument) “Why do that? Why do you always have to expect the worst when there is just as much possibility, if not more, that things will turn out just fine”. Things didn’t change for me that day exactly (I was too hot headed and stubborn to see the point at the time), but that moment stuck with me afterwards and was the catalyst for my life changing for the better.

    I’ve never been able to stop the thought of “what if this turns out badly”, but since that day, EVERY time I have that thought, I consciously say to myself “but why should it? There is just as much chance if not more that this will turn out to be good” and my life has been all the better because of this. I mentally thank that person for saying that to me every day of my life because it has been such an awesome change and has made my life a much much happier one :)

    What if you fly indeed! :)

  76. Excellent, excellent! I am so happy to know there are people like you! The topic you wrote about…I could write about it for days but I don’t think there is anything left to be said. I value people who are able to fully express that which matters in just a few words…a gift I must obtain. In short then, to start practicing…yes, I fell a lot of times. Yes, I keep on flying. And, such a huge YES, it is the fear which is stoping you, it is the fear which long term brings a lot of bad choices you just won’t be able to escape. It becomes a circle then, a circle of bad emotions. You start hating yourself for being affraid…and that is just the beggining….perfectly logical, just like when you think positive good things start happening, when you think negative it’s the same thing only the other way around. Me personaly, I feel great comfort now when I know that I am the one who has the power over it. And a great relief when I stumble upon people like you who are awakened. It is a proof to me that humanity has started to evolve…more and more of us.

  77. I enjoyed your essay. I discovered these two quote over the years.

    One about flying.

    “When you walk to the edge of all the light you have and take that first step into the darkness of the unknown, you must believe that one of two things will happen. There will be something solid for you to stand upon or you will be taught to fly.”
    ― Patrick Overton, The leaning tree: [poems]

    And from Mark Twain:
    The two most important days of your life ar the day you were born and the day you find out why!

    I know how to fly and I was born to help other succeed in their mission!

    All the best.

  78. When I was a child I convinced myself that I could fly if only I tried hard enough. So, one night when I was escaping home to go down town after curfew, I jumped from the bedroom window instead of climbing down. I could fly, so what could possibly go wrong?

    I “flew” straight down and sprained my ankle.

    There are always stories going round about how X, high on acid, thought he could fly. So he went to the top of a high-rise building and leapt off. Like me, X flies straight down and (it being a high-rise building and all) ended up dead. Why is it, when people decide they can fly, they find a high-up place to put their flying abilities to the test? Why don’t they take off from the ground?

  79. This post is quite inspirational! Sometimes you have to take risks (or stretch out your wings) to get to where we want in life. Sometimes fear of failure can get in the way of achieving greater heights.

  80. In all the mist of life, it’s a good thing thinking of doing something extra ordinary. In most cases, the “will” and “thought” will encourage one, giving reasons for life. THE WORDS GIVE INSPIRATION.
    A Jamaican word, “Respect”. Keep doing your thing. Elohim (God) bless you. Selah

  81. Your line about adults learning to walk is so true. I can see this has already touched a lot of people, but I hope your words have, and continue to give adults the courage to ignore their fears and “sensibilities” and charge forward.

  82. Anger may not be so definitely temporary. Maybe anger is one of the driving, inspiring forces for change within some of us.

  83. very inspiring and uplifting………..a brilliant post!
    i’ll visit it again and again……..

    you are a true genius…

  84. Hey Cristian,
    This is my first inspirational blog find., thank you for all the motivational mojo…You have certainly captured my attention and I shall spend time today here.., keep going and have a creative day ahead 😊

  85. Those two powerful lines by E.H.

    It made me all curious about this post and yes, I loved it. For a second after sad things happened, I realized that instead of being princess, I actually want to become fairy godmother. It’s best to grant wishes and see people reach happy endings rather than merely waiting for your own dream come true.

    Good luck on life! :)

  86. There is freedom waiting for you,
    On the breezes of the sky,
    but how can you fly?
    if you never try?

    Erin Hansen inspired.

    What If I fall by Erin Hansen has become none of my favorite poem. It speaks a whole lot and I love how you unveiled it in another form.
    Thanks for this.

  87. Simply stated, I believe this is my favorite post of all time. Okay, I’ve been reading/blogging a long time, but it’s at least in the top ten! Quite outstanding. Thank you most sincerely for honoring me with a ‘follow’.

  88. I can so identify with your desire to be great. I think most kids have that. What I have learned tho, is I am created uniquely gifted for a greatness God has prepared for me. Whether the world considers it great, or even if I do, is irrelevant. The world, and not even I am qualified to judge my work. But if I keep on doing my best in the light I’ve been given, I hope to hear in eternity the applause of the One who created me. I desire to be His and for Him to be mine, so His applause is all the greatness I am seeking.

  89. I am glad you see magic in people. Both adults and kids need someone who holds for them. Positive support in life is not so common anymore. Its something really important vision about everyone you hold. I appreciate it. Please keep it going forward.

  90. One of the great Jewish philosophers, Rabbi Moshe Chaim Luzzato, famously said, “There is fear, and there is fear.” Knowing the difference between reasoned fear and irrational fear is indeed the key to success.

    Thank you for the reminder. Hope we meet above the clouds.

  91. Love This! Please continue to inspire others by following your vision and passion, and sharing it with others. You remind us that if we aim for the moon, even if we miss, we will land among the stars.

  92. Great post. Deeply written, Therevarevkessins to beck earned in falling and failing and we should bev happy that it .be grateful for the ability but to get back up. Walk when you can, run if you must. Perhaps, attempt to fly. The take off won’t exactly be like that of a a falcon or a sparrow….even a Cessna. The metaphor is right on and the the forward momentum is the same. Enjoyed this poece.

  93. This is so inspiring and such an apt encouragement for me. Being a stay at home mum n not working for almost 10 years, I’ve lost confidence in believing I can fly… That I even have the wings to fly! I’ve started creative writing via my blog more actively this year and started painting (learning thru art tutorials on YouTube) and I can’t believe how much I’ve achieved personally from simply taking that step of faith to ‘just do it’. Wings are abit crusty with cobwebs and dust, but all it takes is one or 2 flaps n you will soar. :)

  94. I disagree with you. I believe that we all are born to be great. It’s just whether we want to be or not.
    But you are right we gotta fail and just fly away because like you said quitting last forever.

  95. I absolutely love this post. We’re so scared of failing or disappointing others that we often hold back our greatness because of that fear. One of my favorite quotes is “You have to travel through mountains to appreciate the smoothness of the road.” Without hardships, without stumbling blocks, without facing hard things, we’ll never grow and learn. Sure, life will be easy, but we’ll also never become better. We have to fall to learn that getting up is worth it. Love it!

  96. Beautiful! My son is 8 right now and whenever he says he can’t do something because it’s too hard, I tell’m “It’s a good thing you didn’t think so when you were a baby! ‘Mom, I don’t wanna learn to walk. It’s too hard.’ Sheesh!”

    I’m so thankful that our writing brought our ideas together. Now more than ever, this is the kind of art we all need.


  97. I don’t remember this but I was told that at the age of four, my parents lost sight of me until they saw me running after a man parachuting down from the sky. I don’t think I saw him as falling. I think I ran after him to ask how he could fly.

  98. “The moment you doubt whether you can fly, you cease forever to be able to do it.”
    J.M. Barrie-Peter Pan
    Barrie takes these things seriously, as do I,
    albeit, with more hopefulness. Self doubt clips our wings early, but wings are regenerative-and like the sea star, able to grow new arms, we, too, can lift our wings again and again. Thank you for a beautiful post, Cristian, it gave me chills and tears-both very helpful in wing regrowth.

  99. This is beautiful. I began my own dare, if you will, with this a couple of weeks ago before reading this. Isn’t amazing the power of it? What’s truly even more amazing is that we can all pass this on to others. I have begun my journey by doing little things for others that seem so unhappy…holding open a door a few minutes longer, complimenting someone that seems so lost inside themselves and watching them break into the sunshine of the soul with a smile. We are so blessed! The beauty is that no matter how much of this we give, we receive a bounty back. Bless you!

  100. omg. your second paragraph let me realise myself that I also want to be that girl that tells each person what they are hiding, which is so precious to discover!

  101. It is true that most of us generally get more “gun shy” as we get older. Visualization can be a useful tool here but it is hard to visualize an awesome future when you can vividly remember your past failures. This is where persistence comes in. I know that when I first picked up a guitar, I was pretty bad but I stuck to it and am much much better now than I used to be. I wish we all did that in every aspect of our lives… just think how much better off we’d all be. As a matter of fact when you look at people who have succeeded in the eyes of society, there is one underlying thread that is common to all of them… they never gave up. Thanks for sharing here… very inspiring.

  102. “What if I fall? Oh, my darling, but what if you fly?” – I’ve had this on my phone as background for more then a year now. And I know it’s not about growing the wings, it’s not about gathering all the courage that you can muster, it’s not about anything you can do, or develop, or learn. It’s about taking a leap of faith. Yes, just this one thing: FAITH.

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