Bitcoin? Investments? Real Estate? Try investing in people.

This current cryptocurency craze has got me thinking. A few of my friends have invested a lot of money, have also made quite a bit, a few others want to invest in various ways and take advantage of this trend.


I prefer investing in people. It seems elusive, but human resource is the only true resource. You don’t invest a dollar to get two back, you invest time and energy and, yes, money, but you might get so much more in return.

Is there an artist you admire? Buy their works.

Is there someone who’s terribly passionate about a new business venture? Invest with them.

The thing is, to paraphrase Tony Robbins, resourcefulness is the ultimate resource. If someone has the right mindset, the right attitude, they can get anything they want.

They either find a way or make one.

That being said, I believe it is important to find the right people, to invest in them, and to exploit certain opportunities.

I am just now trying to capitalize on my love of art. Trying to promote artists, to get them to reach more people, to earn more, to be able to buy the stuff they need in order to work, to be able to rent a studio. I believe in their art, I believe in their abilities, in their mindsets.

Of course, it all ties to the goal of making irevuo as big as it can be. Really big. Art galleries, and stuff.

But I do not look at investing money and building this, I am looking for the right people to help me build this dream up.

It’s not the resources, but the people who can get you those resources. When you think like that, you’ll understand why some business succeed and others fail, why excitement and passion can overcome any obstacle.

Of course, some of you might say that it’s difficult finding the right people. Yes, it is. That’s why it’s equally important to invest in yourself. To learn new things, develop new abilities, to grow into the kind of person who can find the right people more easily.

It seems counterproductive because we don’t see the immediate benefit of investing in ourselves, in the people around us, and in the immense potential of growth we all have.

We want to buy a bitcoin for X amount and sell it for X+Y amount and that’s that.

That’s not business, that’s just gambling.


  1. Developping your potential is a good ROI (Return On Investment). Just wait until the dividend of happpines is paid.


  2. Thought-provoking post, Cristian. Talk about investing in PEOPLE, it’s one of the reasons I love Patreon. It’s a wonderful platform to truly support creators of art, video, podcasts, educational resources, etc.


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