Today as it is mental health awareness day, I choose to call to all the people who fight this silent battle daily; but do not get enough recognition for it. I applaud your courage to keep living despite sometimes having to endure the pain of being misunderstood and marginalised by society. This is a silent battle I know too well, since it was not long ago that I suffered from heaps of depression and could not see a way out from it. Even worse was the fact that I felt alone when I struggled. Nothing can be further from the truth. Therefore I am going to talk about depression, what it feels like, and hopefully inspire those that have depression to regard themselves in a more positive light.

Depression is an actual mental illness. It does not only mean that you are sad but that your overall energy, life force…

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One thought on “Depression

  1. Perhaps your reblogged blogger should have made the distinction between being ‘depressed’ and suffering from clinical depression. Most of us can have days with the former. One of the real problems with the increasing incidence of the latter, at least in the UK, is that attention is being directed and ever more money sunk into attempting to ‘cure’ the latter rather than into dealing with the causes. In this regard, your previous post was particularly relevant Cristian.


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