Proud, but never satisfied

“Be humble for you are made of earth. Be noble for you are made of stars.”

Serbian Proverb

Proud, but never satisfied. One of those phrases that sound so smart. One of those phrases that get thrown around so much that they have become cliche. It is easy to dismiss such a phrase as nonsense.

But the unarguable truth about cliches is that they’re true. So, so true.

Proud, but never satisfied.

Proud? Why?

Well, you should be proud because:

  • No matter the circumstances in your life, you have things to be grateful for. Ultimately, you should be grateful for being alive. You get to live another day, and if that’s not something to be grateful, go spend some time in the cemetery, among all those who have run out of time.
  • You are yourself. I am not into stating that you are a beautiful unique snowflake, but there is some uniqueness in you, something only you possess. You are different, you are here to be different. Why? Because you can’t change the world by trying to be like it. Heck. You can’t even influence it. Be yourself and you’ll notice that you can, sometimes, nudge the world a bit.
  • You have accomplished things. Yes, it might take a lot of effort to come up with things you have accomplished, but they are there. You have survived heartbreaks, you have gone through bad days and made it out alive, you have created things, finished things, made people smile, laugh, made them grateful to have met you.


You should be humble too. Don’t congeal yourself into a certain version of yourself. Don’t become so proud that you fear failure. Don’t become so proud that you think there’s nothing more to be added to who you are, nothing else to be changed.

There’s always room for progress. There’s always more to be achieved.

Be humble, because, in the end, you’re only human. As great as you are, your time is limited.

I believe that humility is something that life keeps trying to teach us. To understand that we can be defeated. Not destroyed. But defeated. Time and time again.

After all, what are we if not works in progress?


10 thoughts on “Proud, but never satisfied

  1. It’s funny how many modern thinkers want you to be proud, and yet negate the ego. Aren’t they one in the same? For example, doesn’t somebody who has a big ego also have a lot of pride.

    That’s always been the rub with regards to the new-age thinking for me. The contradiction between ego and pride.

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  2. The problem being satisfied is that eventually something better comes along and if you are stuck in one place too long you become obsolete. So never being happy with just what’s in front of you is important. Now that’s hard when you get your check every two weeks. Your bills are paid, you don’t think about falling off; that’s until you fall. I guess that’s why I’m always learning new things so I don’t become obsolete. I’m always preparing for the day when my boss says we have to let you go because of cutbacks.


  3. I love the proverb. Being noble is a bit different from being proud, it seems to ask something of you, where being proud is centered on yourself. Noble to me means you are behaving in a way that is good for all.


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