Depersonalisation and Escapism


I remember during my childhood and adolescent years I would spend a lot of time thinking, imagining and contemplating on fantasies, abstract concepts and deeper truths. I was and still am generally attracted to the weird, wonderful and thought-provoking elements of life. Often, I felt limited by cultural norms and societal norms because I felt it was all very superficial and lacking the richness in depth that I wanted. In addition to that, my childhood was not always pleasant for me. Therefore, in order to cope with any bitter truths in life I would detach from my surroundings and indulge in my imagination.

Watching movies, watching anime and listening to music, often aided in this process of shutting down from my present circumstances. Ofcourse, back then I was not doing this consciously but habitually. Nor was I aware of the negative consequences of overly indulging in passive actions and thoughts.

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