“The world isn’t fair, Calvin.”
“I know Dad, but why isn’t it ever unfair in my favor?”
Bill Watterson

No matter where you live, what kind of life you have been born into, what kind of world you see when you look outside your window…no matter how talented, good looking, smart, rich you are, no matter if you’re an optimist, a pessimist, a realist, a pragmatist, or all the thousand things in between, there comes a time when something happens to you. Something unfair. When the world seems to be working against you. When there’s no explanation as to what went wrong.

At some point in time, life teaches us that you can do your best, try your hardest, and fail. You can play it safe, obey the rules, and still get “punished”.

Because life is chaotic, because life has only the obligation to make us feel. It doesn’t have to make sense or be fair.

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