A dream


Fourteen years ago I had this idea. A story about a crazy scientist on a deserted planet. That night I wrote for the first time. And I wrote ever since.

I wrote short stories, novellas, essays, and novels. I even wrote a movie script. I wrote about love, loneliness, about what it means to be an artist. About what it means to feel misunderstood, about what it feels to live in a world that appears to be way too big.

I wrote because I wanted to leave something behind. A legacy. But I also wanted to chance something. In your, all those who take the time to read my words. I wanted to give you the courage that I sometimes lack. Or the ambition. The discipline. The will to succeed. The desire to fight on, no matter what.

Because what else is there worth living for but for the improvement of ourselves and of those around us?

To better ourselves, to give a little bit of beauty to this world.

And I still believe in this dream. Oh, boy, how much I want to do this.

But things haven’t been working out as planned. Book sales are down. I have two finished novels that I can’t afford to edit. I even designed covers for them. I can do basically everything else that needs to be done.

New ideas, new projects, all asking for money to be invested.

Hemingway once wrote that worry destroys the ability to write. How right he was.

There are so many ways you can help out. You can contribute directly via PayPal to my e-mail address: contact [at] cristianmihai [dot] net.

Or you can contribute here.

Think of it as a sort of investment, if you like. In me. But also, if you’re an artist or blogger, you’re going to showcase your work and get some exposure.

I believe we can do this. I choose not to lose faith.


Also, anyone who donates $50 or more will be featured as sponsor for one month and will get a blog post reblogged.

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