The 10X Rule

I don’t know if Grant Cardone came up with this or not, because I have seen this predicated by a number of other speakers and successful people, but the idea is simple: you are capable of being ten times more productive than you currently are.

If that doesn’t strike you as nonsense, nothing will. As a matter of fact, your ego should kick in an say that this is just a stupid statement, especially since it never took into account your own schedule.

But, you see, it doesn’t have to. It never did.

We often mistake being busy with being productive, and the two are so far apart that it’s almost unbelievable. So far apart, that you can, in fact, be ten times more productive than you currently are. Ten times.


Let’s imagine something. Let’s say you write for a total of two hours each day. That’s the amount of time you allocated to this endeavor. Two hours each day, which you proudly mention every time someone complains about being too busy, or working on this or on that.

That’s the gimmick, actually. We believe time spent is the same as effort. They’re not.

So, let’s say that you usually write a thousand words during those two hours. A blog post. Something like that.

What if I were to tell you that you must write ten blog posts during those two hours?

You’d probably tell me to go to hell and never come back.

But what if I were to tell you that I’d give you a million dollars for this? Ten million?

What if I were to tell you that I’d shoot you in the head if you didn’t write those ten posts during those two hours?

Would you do it then?

That’s the gimmick. That’s why this rule doesn’t ever have to take into consideration your schedule or mine.

Compared to the sheer desperation of having to do something, we are just pretending to be productive.

Yesterday I wrote almost twenty blog posts. Scheduled them to be published on irevuo. A year ago I would have thought it impossible to write that much. Maybe two, three blog posts a day. Now I am close to being able to write ten times that number.

Imagine being awarded a million dollars based upon how productive you are. Hour after hour. And do your best as if you could win that amount or money.

You can do so much, that it’s impossible to even begin to imagine it.


8 thoughts on “The 10X Rule

  1. I almost wrote that I can’t fathom how you wrote twenty blog posts yesterday, but the answer is already in your words. Determination. Drive. Recognizing that business and productivity are not, in fact, the same. Thank you for your words of inspiration, Cristian!


  2. I experienced something like that once, becoming very motivated and being able to accomplish much more than I had before-in a shorter time. Motivation is so very important. I wonder if you are more motivated now, or if you are faster at writing because you are more practiced.


  3. The follow up questions would be probably a) do you need to be 10x more productive and b) what would be the physical and mental implications pushing yourself so hard for a longer period of time.

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    • a. In most cases, yes. It depends on your goals and what you want to achieve. And the time that is available to you.

      b. From personal experience, the more I push myself, the better I feel. More alive, more energetic, with a more positive mindset. Sitting around not doing anything is the most exhausting thing, both physically and mentally.


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