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Ask me anything. About blogging, writing, or, I don’t know, other topics. Whatever you’d like to ask, just don’t be shy and do it!


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    • Sometimes I do, but most times I do not. The stories I know the endings to are the ones that get postponed, because there’s no apparent mystery in writing them. The ones that I do not know the ending for seem like a journey of discovery, so I must write them.

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  1. Lol you sound a bit bored, okay I’ll bite.
    Where would you go to base an entire new novel, without it exactly representing the place you have traveled too? Why did you chose that place? If you could within the new few years would you travel to said place?


  2. Hallo, How are you this hopefully fine day/night? How many questions is too many when you only offered/prospected for 1 per interested visitor? How long is too long for you when receiving comments from visitors here? if ever self-publishing anything, in your experience and opinion, would it be better ordering less author copies, say 10 or 20, rather than more eg. 250? (I’m torn between either, depending on budget! Because buying at the same price as customer for personal stock adds capital value to your business doesn’t it and then you make your product unique by adding trading cards/bookmark, having a Unique-Selling-Point.) Don’t worry, have a book project and I don’t I’m never ready to be anyone’s competition ever, not exactly a writer, I just happen to write blogging stuff etc, Cheers.


    • I’d say that you should order less copies. No point in keeping stock, unless you want to feel like taking a commitment to sell that many books directly. Also, don’t get too excited on making your copies unique… signed copies are worth a damn when they’re signed by famous authors. Other than that, it’s not a huge market. I’d say 10-20 copies, try to sell those, then maybe buy a bit more, try to sell those, and so on…

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      • hey, thank you for reply. I would have thought in a ‘niche’ market with a USP (Unique Selling Point), those first-run 10-20 author copy, especially if discovering ‘misprint’ errors, that they’d increase in value as a First Limited Edition. But our markets and potential audiences might be very different. Happy Holidays to you and Best Wishes.

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        • It’s not the niche, it’s how influential you are and how rare those limited edition books are.

          Let me give you an example: Stan Lee. One of the most influential people in the world of comics. His signature is worthless because when he was broke he’d sign almost anything. He did drawings for a buck or two and signed them.

          On the other J.M. Coeetze is famous for not liking people very much. He rarely signs books, he does not usually do interviews. His signature is worth quite a lot of money.

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    • Nothing is better than Amazon right now. Createspace and KDP are the most user friendly platforms for self-publishing, and Amazon is the bestselling platform.

      Now, you can experiment, try to reach more people on different platforms, but you’ll notice that about 80-90% of your sales come from Amazon.

      I only posted videos on YouTube and then embeded them in blog posts. Uploading videos directly on WordPress… Maybe. I haven’t tried it long enough to know for sure.

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    • Go out there an experience life. Or read a book. Something that challenges my beliefs. A paradigm shift almost demands to be written about.

      When it comes to blogging, a vast majority of posts start with a quote – it easier to start with someone else’s words. You somehow end up finding some of your own.

      It’s not that difficult. Being very poor, I had to learn to do everything, from book covers to interior formatting for both e-books and paperbacks. If you are willing to learn and invest time, you do all of those things yourself.

      I aspire to be the one writer who has at least a short story written in any of the genres invented by man. That being said, I do gravitate towards literary fiction, experimental stuff. But I did (plan to) write science fiction, mystery, psychological thrillers, sci-fan (a mixture of science fiction and fantasy), magical realism, and a bunch of other stuff. My latest novel, closer, for example has a lot of erotic scenes, which was a challenge. The one I am working on now is very different: lots of religious stuff.

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  3. Hi! I have one question for you. By your writing I can undestand that you are somewhat of a thinker, someone that dives deep into matters and gives significance to deatils. Before you started writing, did you use to think so much, or was it a result of your experience as a writer?
    P.S.: Thank you for posting so often. :)

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    • Hi,

      Yes. I do think a lot about stuff. And, yes, I used to think about it even before I started writing. I spend awful amounts of time inside my head, imagining stories or thinking about stuff, analyzing, trying to find meaning or answers. It’s not the best of things, but it is what it is. I actually need to force myself to absorb information (watch a documentary, read a book, or anything educational) because I keep thinking and analyzing at a certain point I stop whatever it is and just think about it.

      P.S. Thank you for your compliment!

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