My dreams, my dreams…

Do you ever see someone and you notice how they’re slowly fading away? Receding into the distance, like a ship out at sea…

Maybe you meet plenty such people on your way to and from work, or in the supermarket.

The way they walk, as if it is a struggle to put one foot in front of the other. The way they talk, as if the best years have gone by, and even though they are not old, they talk more about the past than the future.

Oh, and how they complain, and find excuses, and they’re so busy and unlucky and no one understands them and appreciates them…

Maybe you have one or two friends like this, maybe you’ve been such a person. Maybe you still are.

People who have been defeated; their hope got destroyed a while back and now they live on auto-pilot.

Why survive and call it a living?

A house that is not lived in decays faster. Stuck in time, a remnant waiting to collapse and dissapear under the weight of its own inactivity.

People are like that. A lot of them.

Risk averse they’re called. They fear change, they do not create enough energy and momentum to adapt to change, let alone create it, whether in themselves or their environment.

I used to be like that. Maybe even worse. My dreams kept me alive though.

Here’s an interesting thing: let’s say that intelligence, the thing we admire so much in others and never seem to recognize in ourselves, could efficiently be graded on a scale from 1 to 10.

Let’s say you’re a 9. No genius, but highly inteligent. 140 IQ, something like that. Maybe more on a good day.

But your health is a 3. By health I mean: physical health, mental health, nutrition, sleep, exercise, all that.

You are in deplorable health.

Here’s the thing: health is a multiplier.

So 9 multiplied with 3 equals 27.

You have this brilliant individual, super sharp, who eats only fast food, drinks Coca Cola on a daily basis, and never exercises. He does not get 8 hours of sleep, and when he does get some sleep, it’s usually from 3 AM to close to afternoon.

Then example two. Someone of average intelligence. A 6. Barely managed to go through high school, maybe studied a bit more, maybe not.

His health is at 6. A few chronic ilnesses, he does get medication for that though, no mental health issues, he eats mostly home made food, he does not drink alcohol, or smoke, and from time to time enjoys going on a walk with his wife.

Overall, he’s got a score of 36.

Yes, an average guy, average intellect, average health, average in all aspects of life, is going to be more productive and generally fair better in life than a highly intelligent individual who does not take care of his health.

I think we can all think of someone who’s in one of those two categories.

Even if you were a genius, you’d still have a great deal of trouble navigating through life if you smoke, drink, and eat junk food.

The food you eat can boost your energy by up to 80%. Think about that.

Now, I used to be a 3 out of 10 in the health department. It took me some 3 years to develop the right kind of habits: get my teeth done, start working out, quit smoking, eat healthy foods, lots of fruits, and get the right amount of sleep.

Granted, I changed because I had to, but the benefits are fantastic.

I can work a lot more than I used to. Like a few times more. I can get a lot more stuff done. I am not lethargic like I used to be.

Now, let’s get back to the dreams part. My dreams kept me going, my dreams kept me from fading away entirely.

Dreams fuel hope, imagination, courage.

My dreams are the other multiplier. The one that makes me believe that nothing I have left behind could ever be as beautiful as what is in front of me.

Never let your dreams die, unless you want to fade away, to become one of the walking, working, talking dead that roam the vastness of any great city of the world.


In case you missed it, my laptop decided to die, so I am in a bit of a trouble right now.

I need your help, so I can keep working at my best possible. So I can keep posting on irevuo and all my other projects.

If you wish to help me out, you can do so here.


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