The harsh reality of being a full-time blogger

I have been a full-time blogger since November 2012. That means that, with the exception of two summers, I had no other source of income than what I earn through this blog and through the sale of my books.

Quite the dream, right?

Well, not exactly. Maybe some of you dream of being able to write when you want, how you want, and not having a boss or a strict schedule.

That is the dream, and those perks are nothing compared to what you have to do.

First of all, lots of hard work.

Someone once said that entreprenourship is great. You get to choose which 16 hours a day you work.

Writing blog posts, trying to come up with interesting topics, replying to comments and e-mails, all that takes a lot of time.

Uncertainty. No steady paycheck.

You sell something, you eat. Different channels to monetize, always looking for a way to earn a buck. It’s not pretty, but when you’re hungry, you see what you have to do.

That’s the thing about idealism and why it’s so harmful.

You imagine waking up at 10 AM and then writing a post and then acting all lazy and stuff. And enjoying the perks of being famous.

It’s more like going to bed at midnight and waking up at 6 AM to get stuff done.

The stress is real. Caused by uncertainty, by not having a fixed income, by the fact that most people don’t care about most of your products.

This is the grind. Do or die. Sink or swim.

Due to the fact that I no longer sell advertising on this blog, money has been in short supply.

And yesterday my laptop decided to die on me, which is my primary tool for writing and working, especially on the more complex posts that require a lot of images and info and so on.

I am writing this on my phone, and I have become quite paranoid that something might happen to it, and then it’s show over.

That’s all folks sort of thing.

I have always relied on readers donating and supporting this blog, in order to keep going.

If you wish to help me out to buy a new laptop (a crucial piece of equipment for me) you can donate any amount you see fit here.

The situation is critical and urgent.

Also, take advantage of this sale on my e-store here.


3 thoughts on “The harsh reality of being a full-time blogger

  1. I did not think being a full time blogger would be easy. But would it be something that I would like doing if money wasn’t the issue? For sure.
    In spite of all my hopes and dreams, I am still mainly realistic and pragmatic, which leaves me with having to hold a steady job/ income.
    I like living on the edge, but being unsure of your income is not something I look forward to.

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