I miss…

They had laid Abel on a bed of leaves and twigs and branches. Flowers covered his body. The woman sat to his right, crying. Tears flooded her eyes, trembled down her cheeks, fell down her nose. Tears dropped from her chin. The man sat upright, peering at the furnace of the sun drawn against the purple haze of the night to come. It was going to be a dark and cold and empty night, he thought. The woman thought it was the serpent to blame. She coughed twice.

Soon, the night poured over them. All they could see were the stars nailed against the blankness. East of Eden, at the edge of the world, there was nothing but infinite emptiness. They had been given the greatest gift that had ever been offered to any living thing. They often gazed at the dark sky and could see the liquid mist of morning covering the land. They could see it clearly in their minds and spoke often of it with great pleasure.

“What is going to happen?” the woman asked.

He kept scanning the horizon, hands on his hips. “He has gone to a better world,” he said matter of factly.

“What world is that?”

He turned around, smiled tenderly at her. “A place where he can be free.” He kneeled down beside her, curled his fingers against hers. “Where he can hunt as much as he likes. Where he can give names to the creatures that have none yet, where he can eat as much as he pleases. Never feel thirst or hunger. Never feel cold or hot. Never feel tired or weak.” He did not dare look at the body that laid beside them. “Never feel pain. Never feel sadness. Never cry a single tear.”

“Does such a place exist?” she asked.

He nodded.

There weren’t many words at the beginning of time. Plenty was yet to be imagined into existence. Regardless, he knew. He felt it in his heart, even though he could not use words to give it life.

He knew that if such a place did not exist, they could always make it up.

These are the last words I wrote on my laptop. Good thing I used Google Docs, otherwise…

It’s only been a couple of days, but I miss writing. The act of typing. I love punching those keys, I love to express myself, walk around the house like crazy trying to figure out the best way to translate what’s in my heart into words.

I miss writing those long and interesting posts on irevuo. To edit photographs, to get everything just right. Writing posts for the Midnight Muse, for The Writer series. I hate being unable to follow the schedule I have set, to struggle to write from my phone.

I miss writing my stories.

I miss being able to listen to my music while writing.

I miss writing.

So far, we have raised $200. People from all over the world donated as much as they could/saw fit. Little amounts that added up.

If you wish to help me buy a new computer, which I badly need in order to write and work on my dream, you can donate any amount you see fit here.

Any amount matters. Any amount helps.


3 thoughts on “I miss…

  1. JMJ
    Dear Cristian,
    When my daughter was still in high school she wanted to build a credit history so she financed an Apple laptop. I’m not sure if this is something that they still do, but with the money you already have, perhaps Apple can assist you with getting a laptop financed.She paid hers off early without any penalty, so you could pay it off as you received donations.
    It might get you back to punching the keys sooner …


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