One of a kind…

There are 20,975,942 blogs hosted on Several million others are self-hosted blogs or use other platforms.

392 million blog accounts on Tumblr.

There are 48.5 million books on, 3.4 of which available as Kindle ebooks.

About fifty million YouTube channels, half a billion daily active users on Instagram, and almost everyone with Internet access also has a Facebook account. Oh, and there are also sixty-five million pages on the world’s most popular social media platform.

Reading such statistics makes one want to take a very, very long nap.

Do not go gentle into that good night

But the thing is, you are unique. Yes, you. I am talking to you.

You are one of a kind. Because the odds of even being alive are 1 in 10 2,685,000 . That’s basically zero. You shouldn’t even be here. If this isn’t something worth feeling excited over, then I don’t know what is.

Now, there are a lot of experiences that you went through. Bad days that you have survived, obstacles you overcame, and certain defeats you somehow fought against and won. You navigated through the chaos of life and accumulated knowledge and wisdom, you collected stories, you developed a personality, a sense of humor (or a lack of it) and the best thing to do with all this is share it with your fellow humans.

What are the odds of you being discovered? Writing a book and it becoming a bestseller? Of creating a successful blog? Or vlog? Or a popular Instagram to showcase your awesome photography skills?

What are the odds of you influencing the world?

Of changing it for the better.

Of leaving something behind.

What are the odds?

Who cares.

You are alive. You are here. You have thoughts that need to be expressed. You have a vision. You have ideas. You use your imagination every single day. Those are the things that truly matter.

We often forget that. We often feel overwhelmed by all this information, by all these people who are living life at the same time we are, and it all seems pointless.

Rage, rage against the dying of the light

I believe that we are quite talented at lying to ourselves, of telling this story of how it does not matter, how all we want is to be okay and comfortable and lead normal lives, and then die…

And then what?

You’ll be loved by the next generation, remembered by the one after that, and forgotten by the following one.

Is that truly the live you want to live?

Do you honestly want for the biggest event in your life to be the boiler breaking down?

You shouldn’t even be alive and you want to spend your life pretending that average is what you truly desire, wasting years and years of your life, and then… then, on your deathbed, you’ll be begging for moments. Fighting to stay alive a while longer, burdened by the weight of all the things you should have done but never did.

It is only those who have yet to live life fully that are scared of dying.

It is those who passively assume they’ll somehow live forever that let small hurts matter, that quit after the first failure, that never dare to ask the universe for what they want.

The biggest risk of all is when you take no risks.

You are one of a kind. And this makes you magic. If only you could believe it, then you’d be able to show others the fire that resides in your soul. You’d speak with passion, you’d punch those damn keys when writing your story, you’d know that your ideas matter and they might, they just might change the world.

Everything around you was imagined into existence by people who believed in their ideas.

It might be a good idea for you to believe in yours as well…


15 thoughts on “One of a kind…

  1. It’s an observation that is meaningless since the odds of anything happening is almost zero until it happens . If I pull a two of diamonds from a pack of cards I could congratulate myself since the odds are small , if I then pull a king of spades I could really pat myself on the back since the odds are even smaller. We are unique but so is every leaf on a tree of every rock on a mountain path everything is in fact unique so uniqueness is very ordinary it’s everywhere. Now here’s the rub, of all the seven and a half billion of us a few will leave memorable memes behind in books or other people’s minds.


      • I’m 76 so not too many parties these days but you made me smile . I live in the southern UK near the sea in a retirement bungalow. My IQ is about 105 slightly above average and I have had no higher education. Like most people I like to share conversation and ideas , it’s an important part of life for us gregarious humans since we became bipedal. Some say I’m a pessimist but I claim to be a realist who endeavours see things as they are rather than as we would like them to be.


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