Let’s Put A Dent in The Universe

I know that blogging can resemble a war, each post a battle. I also know you have big dreams for your blog. You’d like to improve it, to grow a bigger audience, to reach more people.

But… where to start? How to go about it?

If you’d like to take your blog to the next level, if you want to put a dent in the universe, and get the most out of the wonderful experience of blogging, I have designed just the right tools for you.

In order of price and value offered, here they are:


$49.99 $19.99

Obviously, I do need to work a bit more on my product naming skills. This is a comprehensive analysis of your blog, everything from content to the visual layout, social sharing, the way you interact with your readers, the navigation, all that.

Also, included there will be a nice list of pointers, advice you can follow (or not) and the best of this is that all of them will be tailored to your blogging style and the particular niche you’re following.

You want to know what’s even better?

A money back guarantee. No risks involved. Pay. Receive your feedback and pointers. Don’t like them? You get your money back.

THE FEEDBACK is available for purchase on my e-store here.


$249.99 $99.99

I think this one sounds better.

A 30 day Mentorship Program. This is not a course, not some nice looking PDF files that might not mean anything to you, and might provide limited help. This is a 30 day, one on one, tailored to your needs, designed to help you grow your blog, get you pumped up and motivated 24/7 by me program.

Wow. That was a mouthful.

This program is all about helping you figure out that there’s a lot more to this medium than just writing post after post.

If you are struggling to find readers, coming up with brilliant post ideas, or you’d want to create a long term strategy for your blog, then I guarantee this program is for you.

Did I say guarantee?

Oh, yes. You have a money back guarantee. No questions asked. If, at the end of this program, you feel that I haven’t delivered, then you get your money back.

But it’s not going to happen. I guarantee that.

I’ll make sure your blog is heading in the right direction, that you have a clear plan of action, and that you’ll develop all the skills you need to achieve your true potential as a blogger.

THE MENTORSHIP PROGRAM is available on my e-store here.


$599.99 $249.99

This is the one I’m most excited about. And it’s also the most difficult to explain.

If we were to talk on Skype, or on any platform that allows us to see each other, or even on the phone or any of the multitude of apps that allow voice calls, then after half an hour to an hour of listening to me, you’d feel like you could conquer the world.

But that’s just a side-effect of this program.

This is my way of doing things. 90 days of pep talks, coaching, offering feedback, motivating you, and telling you over and over again that rules don’t matter that much if you have passion. It’s intense stuff. Truly intense.

Simply put, I’ll do everything for you except write your posts. But I’ll give you plenty of pointers on that as well.

This program is more about making you search deep inside your heart for the things that make you tick, and then provide you with enough energy to write about them in the best and most effective way.

Bonus: I’ll make you laugh. And find out interesting stuff about all sorts of things.

Oh, and of course, a money back guarantee on this one as well.

THE ART OF BLOGGING is available on my e-store here.


All of these programs are flexible, meant to be tailored to your own needs, and they take into account your time restraints. That being said, any program can be extended to take these things into account at no additional cost.

What I mean by that is that you can pause The Mentorship Program at any time while you get other more pressing matters done, and then pick up where we left of.

I do not believe in offering generic stuff to you, and then act as if that is going to help you very much. The web is full of such guides and courses. Each blogger is unique and has a unique style and different objectives.

Maybe you want more readers, maybe you want to be able to write blog posts like a boss. Maybe you want to earn money from your blog. Whatever it is, I can help you reach those goals.


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